The Big Gun in a traffic stop

Errant-Sovereign-Handbook The "Big Gun" starts on page 96 of Errant Sovereign Handbook The "Big Gun" addresses the very framework of our form of government.  It's called Separation of Powers. It expressly stated in most state Constitutions and is clearly implicit in the remaining few that do not, as well as the national Constitution.  The form of it's expression in the [...]

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Getting calls from LibertyAP? Liberty Automotive Protection 732-807-5611

Hi all, I have been getting calls from LibertyAP in Asbury Park, NJ. I thought I would pass along their info in the event you are getting similar calls. Their address [...]

Is Credit Reporting an Attempt to Collect a Debt?

All, I have been asked this question frequently. Yes, Credit Reporting is an attempt to collect a debt. Until now, I have not pasted any case law. I was doing research and [...]

Basic Question: FDCPA
All here is a question that was emailed to me from Amy C: I have two collectors calling my cell. One collector has been calling me for 9 months, the other has been calling [...]

After Settlement They Keep Calling

I settled a lawsuit with a common debt collector about a year and a half ago. I had not heard a peep out of them after the suit. As it should be, they have not contacted me. I [...]

Legal Flow Charts and Timelines – Plus a Settlement

I have previously made and posted a flow chart of how federal lawsuits will flow. People seem to like it and I have not updated it as I have seen no reason to do so. Here [...]

What to do if you get a 1099c from a Debt Collector – 3949a – CreditRage Uncut 17

It is tax season again. And if you have been fighting debt collectors, they may have a dirty trick in store for you. Often debt collectors will consider any payment to you [...]

Credit Gurus and Updates CreditRage Uncut 37

Boiler Williams
I got a check from a debt collector since last we spoke. I also have another on the way. In this podcast I will discuss a few lawsuits I had going on. I will talk about [...]

Two Settlements on Their Way! FDCPA

I have settled two more lawsuits since my last post. One was my court case related to the FCRA and FDCPA. The other was not a case I filed, I just worked out a settlement [...]

Can a person sue the furnisher of information if they falsely report on a Credit Report? FCRA

boiler williams fix credit
I was asked how to sue a furnisher of information for reporting false data on a persons credit report. This person (Billy) pulled his credit and has four accounts from Midland [...]

Are we getting to the collectors? MiniRANT

All, Often I get asked if the collectors care that we are suing them for FDCPA, TCPA and FCRA. Some believe this is the "cost of doing business" and the collectors have [...]


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