Month: June 2012

I Got a Check Yesterday

I was a little bit sleepy when I recorded this late last night so I may sound a little distant. I am really excited that I got a settlement check from an East [...]

TransUnion Update

If you think credit reporting is fair in this country, here is some information that I hope will make you rethink your opinion. Goldman Sachs, the bank,  [...]

Where is the Outrage? …with a Mild Mannered Rant.

Hello... I wanted to take a moment to take my attention off of the debt collectors. The debt collectors, the FDCPA, FCRA, etc. are my top passion in life [...]

3 Questions about Palisades and Chase Collection Efforts

There were three questions called into me. I will answer them in this podcast. The first question is about Palisades Collection LLC. I wasn't sure of their [...]