Month: July 2012

How to Ask a Question – New Phone Number

If you have questions for me, I will do my best to answer them. The best way is to call me and leave a message. My phone number is 206-426-5079. Call [...]

Pro Se with out Money? Go IN FORMA PAUPERIS….

Filing fees for federal lawsuits are $350. If you are going to file a few lawsuits, this will really add up quickly. If you truly can not afford to file your [...]

Pro Se Ideas- Use Pacer and Other Online Resources

I wanted to tell you that there are resources for representing yourself in court. There are lots of resources! When you represent yourself in court, you are [...]

Colorado Theater Shooting and Credit Discussion

It was hard not to start out talking about the 12 people that were killed in the theater in Aurora Thursday. Especially since this podcast originates about 15 [...]

News – Credit Bureaus to get federal oversight for first time by CFPB

United States Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has announced today (7/16/12) that it is beginning oversight of credit bureaus. As you may or may not [...]

When Good Lawsuits Go Bad…. The "Astericks Lawsuit"

Hello All! Please don't consider any of the following to be discouraging. Instead, read the post and learn from my mistakes. My mistakes make US better! I [...]

Two Lawsuits and a Phone Call

All, Happy Fourth of July! Tonight's podcast is about two FDCPA lawsuits and a phone call. If I reinforce one point it is to dispute every call and letter [...]

What if You Are Getting Collection Cell Calls for Someone Else?

We have all received collection calls for someone else. Legally, what's the deal? The TCPA protects consumers against automated messages and predictive calls [...]