Month: October 2012

Defending Junk Debt Buyers Lawsuits

All, I ran across this article that does a great job of explaining why you do not owe a debt collector money. It explains the whole scam in pretty good detail [...]

Money Laundering Lawsuit Seeking Return of $43 Trillion to the United States Treasury

Check out this article if you want to get mad at the [...]

Interesting Quote From Abe Lincoln

It is amazing how some old quotes seem timeless. Most of You know I like Thomas Jefferson Quotes. Here is one from Abraham [...]

Misc Law Related Links – Taxes and Traffic Tickets – Off Topic

All, I have run across some interesting links over the last few days I wanted to share with you. None of these are paid links; For moving violations check [...]

Blog Question About Collecting on the Same Chase Debt Twice

Here's a question from Sue: I received a letter from Palisades Collection telling me I owe 7,140.49 I went through a Debt company back in 2007 and I paid my [...]

Represent yourself in Court – Pro Se – eBook

All, I found an interesting free book on representing yourself in court. You can do it. It may be more nerve racking to have a liar working for you. Sorry for [...]

Email Question about Phone Calls and Credit Reports

Another question from Ryan. Keep them coming! Hi Boiler, I found your site while searching for some help and also some complaints on Carson Smithfield. I had a [...]

Question about Phone Calls from Chase Banks – From Email

Hello. Here is a question I received via email last night: I have two Chase Visas. I quit paying them in August. Chase calls me daily. It is driving me nuts. [...]

Credit Reporting Agency Removed Account – Email Question

Here is a question I received in email: Boiler, I used your dispute letter and disputed my American Express account which is 2 years delinquent. I received a [...]