Month: November 2012

Why You Should Not Talk To the Police

All, I found this video interesting on why you shouldn't talk to the police. [embedplusvideo height="507" width="640" [...]

Is a Debt Collector Collecting on a Dead Sposes Debt Subject to the FDCPA?

I read an interesting case on Plaintiff Jane Kinkade. Her  husband had passed away and a debt collector went after her for a debt of her deceased husband. [...]

Podcast – Advantage of Being the Plaintiff

All, Here is a quick podcast on the advantage of being the Pro Se plaintiff. When you are a defendant, you are at a distinct disadvantage. Listen to hear my [...]

Marx v. General Revenue Corp.

There is a case in the Supreme Court that may affect us in the future. Marx v. General Revenue Corp. is a case the revolves aroung losing a FDCPA case and then [...]

What are your chances of winning an FDCPA/FCRA/TCPA lawsuit?

All, I often get asked what your chances of winning a FDCPA/FCRA/TCPA lawsuit are? Of course, no one can tell you if your specific case will win. Most cases [...]

What is a Foti Violation? Foti vs. NCO

For More Information, Check out my Other Site: What is a Foti violation and how can it help you? A Foti violation is a message that is left [...]

WebRecon Marketing Marterials – What They Think We Are Doing

All, Here is a WebRecon marketing brochure. It interesting me to see what they think we are doing. Also, check out the pricing! I think this is a pretty [...]

Email Question about Chase Foreclosure

Here is a question I received in email: Boiler, I have lived in my house for over 35 years. Four years ago I sold the house to my daughter. I was to pay rent [...]

Dirtbag Debt Collector #9 – Palisades

Dirtbag debt collector#9 on my list is Palisades Collection. They get the honor for being dirtbags that constantly call and harass people. There are numerous [...]

Webrecon is Tracking People Who Sue Collectors: Plus Statistics from Them

WebRecon LLC helps collection agencies segregate debtors with a history of filing suit under FDCPA, FCRA & TCPA. Yes, they are a CRA that tracks people [...]