Month: November 2012

The Golden Rule of Fighting Debt Collectors

All, In this podcast I discuss what I call the "Golden Rule of Fighting Debt Collectors". What to know what the rule is? Listen to the free podcast! I also [...]

Five Robocallers Shut Down by the FTC!

It really seams the the FTC has stepped up to the plate and started doing its job. Will wonders never cease? As you all know, I am the first one to gripe [...]

Consumer Disputing Debt Listed on Credit Report

Here is a question that was emailed to me by Steve in Cali: I viewed my my credit report online. The original creditor (under negative accounts) has "consumer [...]

Social Security Benefits Are Not Disposable Income

All, If you are afraid of getting your social security benefits garnished, there is some news coming out of Fifth and Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals that will [...]