Month: January 2013

Inquiries Question from Shawn in Wyoming – Inquiries FCRA

He is a question that was emailed to me last night: I have several third party debt collectors and dirtbag attorneys who have made inquiries in some of my [...]

CreditRage -11- Are we embellishing our results?

There is a lot of collection industry chatter about Pro Se lawsuits involving consumer law. There seems to be a industry line that settlements are much [...]

Settlement Recieved! FIA Card Services

All, A quick note to mention that my wife received a settlement Saturday from FIA Card Services. They used to call themselves MBNA. As with most settlements, [...]

Midland Funding, Midland Credit Management, and Encore Capital Addresses for Legal Service

All, If you are about to engage Midland Funding and related companies in litigation you should check with your state's secretary of state for the registered [...]

Larken Rose is a Thought Criminal

[embedplusvideo height="507" width="640" standard="" [...]

CreditRage -10- Inquiries and Lawyer – Bona Fide Error

All, Check this out: Anzivino, Ralph C., "Does the "Bona Fide" Error Defense of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Include Mistakes of Law?" [...]

There is going to be a drama TV series about Debt Collectors

From the "It was a slow day at" file: If you haven't got enough of debt collectors calling you and sending you letters, you will soon be [...]

What is Pro Se?

I often get asked, "What is Pro Se"? Pro Se is when you go to court unrepresented by an attorney. You might be asking yourself why in the hell anyone would [...]

Richard Cornforth is a Bad Ass

If you do much legal research as a Pro Se, you will run across the name Richard Cornfarth.I have read four or five of his books and thing they were concise and [...]

Another Pro Se Litigant Guide

I always try to post these when I find them. Here is another Pro Se Litigant Guide. Fight the essential fight, [...]