Month: April 2013

CreditRage -28- Steve's Story Continued – Summons

All, This is the continuation of Steve's story involving Farrell & Seldin and Midland Funding. As it turns out, Steve decided not to fight the case and [...]

CreditRage -27- Steve vs. Farrell & Seldin with Midland

All, Here is Steve's story with Farrell & Seldin. I constantly mispronounce Seldin's name during this podcast. That is not out of disrespect. It is out [...]

Question from Tim in Georgia

Here is an email from Tim, An attorney sent me a dunning letter stating they represent the original creditor - Chase Bank credit card. Chase states on my [...]

CreditRage -26- Dispute the Debt & Conversation with Hispanic1

All, I wanted to post a podcast of my conversation with Hispanic1 from last week. She has some credit problems. When you have problems, the first thing [...]

CreditRage -25- Judgement Proof

This is a super brief podcast about being judgement proof. What does that mean? When should you consider this into your situation? The term judgement proof [...]


Key notes are important rulings that were decided an any case.  Key Notes are the important rulings quoted in other cases. Westlaw publishing sells a [...]