Month: June 2013

Banker Customer Relationship

[slideshare [...]

Rant: Concerned about your privacy while searching the Internet?

All: I have to admit that I am not at all surprised that the NSA has been tracking our cell phone conversations and our emails. This is a great time to break [...]

Question: Reporting on credit report a violation of FDCPA?

Here is a question I received last night: Is reporting on my credit report by a collection agency considered collecting on a debt and a violation of the [...]

How long will your FDCPA case take to settle?

No one can say for sure how long your FDCPA case will take will take to settle. It could take just a couple of days or it could go on for a year or more. I [...]

Pro Se Information on Evidence for Court

Discovery Discovery is pre-trial investigation. It allows you to get either evidence itself, or information that will lead to getting the evidence you need. [...]

Interesting Law Video – Eddie Craig

Although this guy is pitching a website and although he is somehow related to infowars, I find this fascinating and wanted to pass it on to you. I could go on [...]