Book Review – F The Banks by Judson E Crump read a hell of a lot of books. I read only non-fiction and classics. Mostly books related to debt collection and finance are what I seek.

In case you haven’t figured it out by reading my blog or listening to my podcasts, in general, I hate lawyers. I realize that 99% of lawyers are thieves that add no value to my life. Lawyers probably dont add much to your life either. That said, there are a extremely small faction of lawyers that are good. There may be as many as five or six in the United States. Pardon the sarcasm…

Anyhow, the author of “F The Banks” is a lawyer. Judson E Crump a lawyer and wrote this book on getting out of debt. The argument in this book is that if you play by the rules and pay off as much debt as you can you will never get out of debt. So you have to have a different strategy to get out of debt.

Overall, the message in this book is dead on. Crump describes consumer laws that can be used to reduce debt. Believe it or not, the book heavily leans toward not paying a debt if that can be accomplished. Nice!

The laws that we rely on to fight the collectors on this site are primarily the FDCPA, FCRA, and the TCPA. Crump gives an excellent introduction to these laws. The one issue that I have with the book as that it doesnt really mention that these violations can be fought from a Pro Se litigant. Given Crump’s background as an consumer attorney, perhaps he hasn’t seen a pro se kick a collection agencies ass. As an attorney for Plaintiffs, he is suing Collection agency defendants that are almost certainly¬† not pro se.

More important is the material in this book that is not covered on There is a great deal of information and strategy related to bankruptcy and foreclosure. Those are subjects we don’t cover on this website. Some of these subjects may not fit your particular situation and you can just skip them as I did.

I think you will find this book well worth the $11 it costs on Amazon. Here is the link to get your copy.

Fight Your Good Fight, Boiler


It may seem at times like you have can’t beat the debt collectors. With some studying and determination you can get the debt collectors to go away. Helping you is is my mission!

  1. Boiler, I have read this book too and give it a 9 of 10. The author does cover a hell of a lot of topics that aren’t covered elsewhere.

    Thanks for making this blog. I read every post.


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