Case Law: Dixon-Rollins v. Experian Information Services et al ~ 2:09-cv-00646-TJS


Settlement Trans UnionThis case revolves around inaccurate items on Dixon-Rollins’ credit report. Initially, the jury awarded Dixon-Rollins $500,000. this amount was reduced to $270,000 by the court.

This is a solid case about inaccurate information on your credit reports. Quite often people will ask me how to fight re-aging type issues. Is the re-aged debt accurate? No… Then fight the accuracy.

Read this Dixon-Rollins Complaint and Dixon-Rollins Opinion posted here. This will give you a solid idea of how to attack re-aging and like issues based on the fact that the data is not accurate.

Re-aging isn’t the root of Dixon-Rollins’ cause of action, but you should get the point.

Fight the essential fight, Boiler

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