How to Find the Registered Agent and Process Server – Pro Se Video

All, This is a short video on how to find a registered agent for the defendant in your lawsuit. After you file the your lawsuit you will need to have a copy [...]

CreditRage -32- Thoughts of a Pro Se Going to a Deposition

All, Here are my thoughts leading up to my most recent deposition. Please listen to the attached CreditRage 32! Here are my previous posts related to the [...]

Turn off your Television

Ok. A bit of conspiracy theory kind of stuff. I get to have some fun don't I? [...]

Email Question: Is a 12(b)(6) filed because my case is weak? FDCPA FCRA

Question from South Side of Chicago: Is the defendants filing of a 12(b)(6) a result of my FDCPA/FCRA complaint being weak? Answer: No. The Federal [...]

Is Debt Modern Slavery?


The Best Kept Secrets of The Dollar

Sticking with the "Debt is Slavery" Theme: [embedplusvideo height="388" width="640" editlink="http://bit.ly/17NzWJ9" [...]

CreditRage -33- The Chain Won’t Break Itself

Hi! Welcome to CreditRage 33. In this episode I will discuss: Settlements Thoughts on Federal FDCPA and FCRA suits Methodologies for fighting debt [...]

Elements of a FDCPA Case

To have a FDCPA case, you have to have the essential "elements" or your case can, and should, be tossed out. Keep this in mind when evaluating your case. Also, [...]

Foti Message / Foti Violation Page

All, Check out my page on the Foti Message issue: http://fotiviolation.org/ It is really just meant for research purposes. If you want to read the available [...]

Student Loan Help

As you know, if I am not an expert on some of the subjects I cover, I will let you know. For example, I do not help people in foreclosure. Here is another [...]