CreditRage -32- Thoughts of a Pro Se Going to a Deposition

All, Here are my thoughts leading up to my most recent deposition. Please listen to the attached CreditRage 32! Here are my previous posts related to the [...]

Email Question: Is a 12(b)(6) filed because my case is weak? FDCPA FCRA

Question from South Side of Chicago: Is the defendants filing of a 12(b)(6) a result of my FDCPA/FCRA complaint being weak? Answer: No. The Federal [...]

The Best Kept Secrets of The Dollar

Sticking with the "Debt is Slavery" Theme: [embedplusvideo height="388" width="640" editlink="" [...]

CreditRage -33- The Chain Won’t Break Itself

Hi! Welcome to CreditRage 33. In this episode I will discuss: Settlements Thoughts on Federal FDCPA and FCRA suits Methodologies for fighting debt [...]

Foti Message / Foti Violation Page

All, Check out my page on the Foti Message issue: It is really just meant for research purposes. If you want to read the available [...]

Use of Affidavits by Debt Collectors – The Big Bluff

All, Talking to people about standing up to debt collectors is a hard sell. Most people are too afraid of the court systems and lawyers to stand up for [...]

CreditRage Uncut 3 FDCPA and State Laws

Here are my thoughts on the FDCPA and your state version of the FDCP. Some state versions of the FDCPA state [...]

Sample – Stipulation of Dismissal With Prejudice

Here is the STIPULATION OF DISMISSAL WITH PREJUDICE I discuss in CreditRage Uncut 4. Click here for the Word Document of the Stipulation of [...]

CreditRage Uncut 4 Settlements & In Forma Pauperis This is CreditRage Uncut 4. In this video I cover Settlements & In Forma Pauperis. The dismissal document [...]

Can Lawyers Testify in Court? CreditRage Uncut 7 – Trinsey v Pagliaro

Debt Collectors and Lawyers pull a lot of dirty tricks on consumers. One common trick to play on a consumer is to actually testify in court. Lawyers are either [...]