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Who has the Right to Pull your Credit?

Who has the Right to Pull your Credit? FCRA § 604 – 15 U.S.C. § 1681b(a)(3)(A) PERMISSIBLE PURPOSE… Who Has the Right to Pull Your [...]

How to Start a FDCPA, FCRA, or TCPA lawsuit – Pro Se – CreditRage Uncut 12

Here are the basics on getting started with a lawsuit for FDCPA, FCRA and TCPA. This should be enough to get you started filing a federal lawsuit should any [...]

Failure to State a Claim upon Which Relief can be Granted 26(b)(6)

After filing a lawsuit in federal court it is common for the defendant to file a Motion for Summary Judgement to get rid of a case against a Pro Se litigant. [...]

FDCPA Case Law

All, I was reading some complaints from the Federal Court in Denver. While researching the next defendant I am going after, I read some case law I thought was [...]

Supreme Court Chimes in on Your Right To Travel

All, As you know that collection issues, credit issues and driving issues are dear to my heart. I received a document on your right to travel. As you may [...]


Key notes are important rulings that were decided an any case.  Key Notes are the important rulings quoted in other cases. Westlaw publishing sells a [...]

Case Law: Yale New Haven Hosp. v. Orlins, 1992 WL 110710 (Conn. Super. Ct. May 11, 1992)

Are Lawyers debt collectors? In addition to the standard legal citation of Heintz v. Jenkins, check this one out: “Simply stated, if an attorney regularly [...]

Driving Without a License Article

This article came to me from a reader. I do not know the author or the source. If it is your work, I will gladly credit you or remove the article. I think [...]

Case Law: Palmer v. Hoffman: hearsay exception for business records

Similar to the LVNV case from yesterday's post, here is the case that was used by Mastaw. This is a Supreme Court ruling. In summary: "In short, it is [...]

Case Law: LVNV FUNDING, LLC v. MASTAW: hearsay exception for business records

In dealing with business records being admitted as evidence, this case is a great read. See attached. lvnv-v-mastaw-tn-14-dec-2011 Here is the summary: This [...]