Credit Repair

Consumer Disputing Debt Listed on Credit Report

Here is a question that was emailed to me by Steve in Cali: I viewed my my credit report online. The original creditor (under negative accounts) has "consumer [...]

Defending Junk Debt Buyers Lawsuits

All, I ran across this article that does a great job of explaining why you do not owe a debt collector money. It explains the whole scam in pretty good detail [...]

Email Question about Phone Calls and Credit Reports

Another question from Ryan. Keep them coming! Hi Boiler, I found your site while searching for some help and also some complaints on Carson Smithfield. I had a [...]

Medical Bills and the FDCPA, FCRA, and TCPA

All, Medical debt is handled in a similar fashion to credit card debt. The FDCPA, FCRA, and TCPA do not apply to the hospital or medical provider; these laws [...]

Prioritizing your Collection Issues- Statute of Limitations

All, As you know if you have been paying attention, I settled two lawsuits last week. This week I withdrew one. The two I settled were FDCPA and FCRA [...]

FCRA Violation – Re-Aging and Zombie Debts

All, I wanted to alert you to credit phenomenons called, "re-aging" and Zombie Debt. First, re-aging is when the date of last activity or delinquency gets [...]

Validation of debt is Important

All, There seems to be several misconceptions about verification and validation of debts when dealing with a FDCPA and FCRA. When you ask for verification of [...]

Interesting Article from the Mainstream Press

I wanted to make you aware that the "Mainstream Media" is starting to open their eyes to the credit card collection problem in America. I have been ware of [...]