CreditRage -33- The Chain Won’t Break Itself

Hi! Welcome to CreditRage 33. In this episode I will discuss: Settlements Thoughts on Federal FDCPA and FCRA suits Methodologies for fighting debt [...]

CreditRage Uncut – 2 – Introduction to the FDCPA, FCRA, and TCPA

This is CreditRage Uncut 2. The first CreditRage Uncut has not been made yet and it will be an [...]

What is CreditRage Uncut – FDCPA-FCRA-TCPA

What is CreditRage Uncut and what is its purpose? I explain in the following video. Fight the Essential Fight, Boiler [embedplusvideo height="388" [...]

CreditRage Uncut 3 FDCPA and State Laws

Here are my thoughts on the FDCPA and your state version of the FDCP. Some state versions of the FDCPA state [...]

CreditRage Uncut 4 Settlements & In Forma Pauperis This is CreditRage Uncut 4. In this video I cover Settlements & In Forma Pauperis. The dismissal document [...]

CreditRage Uncut 1 Why I fight Debt Collectors

All, I was reading "Read Their Mind: How To Hear What The Marketplace Wants And Build A Huge Business" by Sandi Krakowski. In her book she says that [...]

CreditRage Uncut 5 What to do if you are sued by a debt collector

Here are my thoughts on what you should do if you are sued by a debt collector. I will post a sample answer [...]

What to Do if You Get a Collection Letter – CreditRage Uncut 6

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Can Lawyers Testify in Court? CreditRage Uncut 7 – Trinsey v Pagliaro

Debt Collectors and Lawyers pull a lot of dirty tricks on consumers. One common trick to play on a consumer is to actually testify in court. Lawyers are either [...]

Where You Can Sue or Be Sued for Credit Debt – CreditRage Uncut 8

All, In this video I discuss where you can be sued and where you can sue debt collectors. I discuss jurisdiction and the proper court for you [...]