What to do if you get a 1099c from a Debt Collector – 3949a – CreditRage Uncut 17

It is tax season again. And if you have been fighting debt collectors, they may have a dirty trick in store for you. Often debt collectors will consider any [...]

Two Settlements on Their Way! FDCPA

I have settled two more lawsuits since my last post. One was my court case related to the FCRA and FDCPA. The other was not a case I filed, I just worked out a [...]

Are we getting to the collectors? MiniRANT

All, Often I get asked if the collectors care that we are suing them for FDCPA, TCPA and FCRA. Some believe this is the "cost of doing business" and the [...]

Statutory and Actual Damages CreditRage Uncut 16

Here is a quick chat about statutory and actual damages. I was on the phone with a lawyer this morning and she seemed to be confused. Perhaps she was testing [...]

TCPA Case Law – Nelson vs. Santander 11-cv-307-bbc

TCPA- Nelson vs. Santander
All, Some of the lawsuits we file are for significant money and some are not. In a normal case the most statutory damages you are going to get will likely [...]

The Best Kept Secrets of The Dollar

Sticking with the "Debt is Slavery" Theme: [embedplusvideo height="388" width="640" editlink="" [...]

CreditRage Uncut 3 FDCPA and State Laws

Here are my thoughts on the FDCPA and your state version of the FDCP. Some state versions of the FDCPA state [...]

CreditRage Uncut 4 Settlements & In Forma Pauperis This is CreditRage Uncut 4. In this video I cover Settlements & In Forma Pauperis. The dismissal document [...]

CreditRage -35- Who Pays the Cost of a Lawsuit?

All, I feel like I am going back to my roots and releasing a new podcast! This podcast has some road noise, so if that bothers you, please watch one of [...]