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You don’t know more than I do about the FDCPA, FCRA, or the TCPA!

You couldn't possibly know more than I do about the FDCPA, FCRA, or TCPA. I know so much that I have my own blog. Seriously, if you have knowledge about [...]

Turn off your Television

Ok. A bit of conspiracy theory kind of stuff. I get to have some fun don't I? [...]

Student Loan Help

As you know, if I am not an expert on some of the subjects I cover, I will let you know. For example, I do not help people in foreclosure. Here is another [...]

Happy Holiday Message – CreditRage Uncut 14

I wanted to wish you a Happy Holiday Season. I had a few minutes when my family was not around so I made a video to wish you a sincere wish of happiness [...]

What would we do without the police? Larkin Rose

What would we do without the police and courts to protect us? I must admit that I, and most of the people I associate with, have a bit of a man-crush on [...]

Rant: Concerned about your privacy while searching the Internet?

All: I have to admit that I am not at all surprised that the NSA has been tracking our cell phone conversations and our emails. This is a great time to break [...]

List of Colorado State Agencies

Coloradans, Click here to see the Organizational Chart for the State of Colorado. Isn't it amazing how many people work for you and what results you [...]

Mastercard Parody – Police State

You just can't pass up a parody. I like this one. [embedplusvideo height="388" width="640" standard="" [...]

Larken Rose is a Thought Criminal

[embedplusvideo height="507" width="640" standard="" [...]

There is going to be a drama TV series about Debt Collectors

From the "It was a slow day at" file: If you haven't got enough of debt collectors calling you and sending you letters, you will soon be [...]