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American Express, Discover, Citigroup accused of collusion in New York

American Express Co, Discover Financial Services and Citigroup Inc face the allegations in two antitrust lawsuits filed by customers who had to sign [...]

Science of Courtroom Persuasion

I ran across some videos on courtroom persuasion. It is about the psychology of persuasion. Check out the article and videos here: Fight the Essential Fight, [...]

Ten banks settle foreclosure charges for $8.5 billion

I do not generally talk about foreclosure issues and news. This story was too good not to mention. 8.5 Billion bucks for robosigning! As you may know, [...]

What is CreditRage?

CreditRage is a podcast that is recorded a few times a week in a car. The podcast is usually a short chat about a topic related to consumer credit. Boiler [...]

Is the Governement reading your Emails?

I like this video of an NSA whistle-blower. If the Government inst reading your emails, they are collecting them and can read all of them when they [...]

Why You Should Not Talk To the Police

All, I found this video interesting on why you shouldn't talk to the police. [embedplusvideo height="507" width="640" [...]

Email Question about Chase Foreclosure

Here is a question I received in email: Boiler, I have lived in my house for over 35 years. Four years ago I sold the house to my daughter. I was to pay rent [...]

Money Laundering Lawsuit Seeking Return of $43 Trillion to the United States Treasury

Check out this article if you want to get mad at the [...]

Interesting Quote From Abe Lincoln

It is amazing how some old quotes seem timeless. Most of You know I like Thomas Jefferson Quotes. Here is one from Abraham [...]

Misc Law Related Links – Taxes and Traffic Tickets – Off Topic

All, I have run across some interesting links over the last few days I wanted to share with you. None of these are paid links; For moving violations check [...]