Recording phone calls from collectors

Many times a collector will call you and break the law. I wanted to share with you my methods of recording phone calls. The first issue to consider is that [...]

How to Ask a Question – New Phone Number

If you have questions for me, I will do my best to answer them. The best way is to call me and leave a message. My phone number is 206-426-5079. Call [...]

Pro Se with out Money? Go IN FORMA PAUPERIS….

Filing fees for federal lawsuits are $350. If you are going to file a few lawsuits, this will really add up quickly. If you truly can not afford to file your [...]

Pro Se Ideas- Use Pacer and Other Online Resources

I wanted to tell you that there are resources for representing yourself in court. There are lots of resources! When you represent yourself in court, you are [...]

When Good Lawsuits Go Bad…. The "Astericks Lawsuit"

Hello All! Please don't consider any of the following to be discouraging. Instead, read the post and learn from my mistakes. My mistakes make US better! I [...]

Example of FDCPA and FCRA lawsuit – It's just paprwork!

I wanted to post an example lawsuit. Cooper vs. Client Services, INC We strive not to file lawsuits, but sometimes it becomes necessary to fight for your [...]

Advanced Topic – Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 68

A few days ago I was approached with a Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 68 (hereinafter “Rule 68”) offer of settlement. The defendants in the case had filed [...]

How to send a dispute on a collection letter

This is one of the most important post I will put on this blog for beginners. Please take this to heart! The most important thing you can do is dispute every [...]

Introduction to and the FDCPA, FCRA, and TCPA

Hello! Welcome to my Blog and Podcasts. Please listen to the Introduction in the attached podcast. One of the most important points of this podcast is to [...]