Caution: Administrative Processes


Today I read an article about an old administrative processes guru from a few years ago.

Some people have tried to pay debts using administrative processes. These processes generally are focused around bond writing and/or Constitutional Law. If somebody presents one of these type of processes to you, I recommend you join in long enough to learn what is going on but don’t actually file their paperwork.

These processes are usually pretty interesting, if not amazing. There is also usually a charismatic leader that shows you how to do these processes.

In the case of the article I read the charismatic leader was Tim Turner. He claimed to be a Christian who could show you how to write bonds to pay off almost any debt.

I first became aware of Tim several years ago and was intrigued by his administrative process. I ended up with a DVD of one of Tim’s seminars. I like what I saw so I went to Las Vegas to see a seminar.

The seminar told you how to do Tim’s elaborate bonds. You could right up to $300 million in bonds with his process he claimed. He claimed he had paid for houses using his bond system.

After the first day I had talked to a lot of people to gather information. I was invited to dinner with Tim Turner. He came across as very pleasant and engaging.

By the end of the seminar I really began to feel like something wasn’t right. I never did the paperwork and followed Tim’s group from a distance.

This is where the story gets weird. Tim claimed he was attacked and that the US military saved him from being murdered. Then he claimed that he was President of the united States of America (Lower case u is intentional).

I saw several documents that stated Tim was not his name. He was a government plant… etc.

Now, he is in trouble with the IRS for his shenanigans. I wish you well Tim.

Here is the complaint

My point of writing this weird story isn’t to tell you that I met President Turner, but to warn you against the Administrative Process shysters. All of these processes have some basis of law behind them. The problem is that the money system will collapse if these administrative processes could be used. Imagine if every American could write and access a $300 million bond. The money system would collapse quickly. Judges know this and will not let these processes work because they don’t want to bring down the system.

Beware of these types of programs. What we do at this site is not an Administrative Process and is proven to work. It also wont cost you anything to discuss the credit and collection laws here.

Fight the Good Fight, Boiler

  1. Interesting article. I think you make one mistake. People shouldnt hang out and find out what is going on. These administrative process people are preditors and should be completely avoided. the risk is far to great you will end up in one of these cults. My 2 cents.

    • Billy Ray,
      Thanks for your comment. I was reluctant to post this article given it is not the path we travel here.

      I agree with you that maybe these people are best avoided all together. I struggled when I wrote that people should check it out and then bail before they filed any papers. Form an educational standpoint, these administrative processes are usually pretty interesting. The safest action is to not join them in any of their activities.

      To follow up on this article, the people that wrote bonded promissory notes with Tim Turner should expect a knock on their doors soon. I heard two people speaking on a radio show last night that wrote these bonds and have been visited by the FBI. I am not trying to scare anyone, just relaying what I heard.

      Also, Tim Turner’s right hand man was named Billy Ray. If that is you, please contact me in private. I would love to talk to you and get more information.

      Thanks, Boiler

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