Credit Reporting Agency Removed Account – Email Question

Here is a question I received in email:


I used your dispute letter and disputed my American Express account which is 2 years delinquent. I received a letter from TransUnion saying that they removed the debt from my credit report.

I wanted to verify that since they basically admitted that the account was not right, that I have a FCRA violation against American Express and TransUnion.

Is this correct and what are the damages?

Thanks in advance, Martin

Well Martin there is good news and bad news! The good news is this negative account is off your TransUnion credit report. Nice!

The bad news is that because they took the account off when you first demanded they do so, there is no violation. TransUnion’s FCRA responsibility is to immediately remove incorrect information. They did this and thus did not violate the FCRA.

Move on, surely there are more issues to go after. Most of us have inquiries that are an FCRA violations if we look!

Keep fighting the good fight, Boiler

    • Mike,

      I will write a full post on this topic within the next week. Check back for a full article.

      In brief, a entity has to have permissible purpose to pull your credit report or they are violating the FCRA. To have permissible purpose, you have to either have a credit account with them or they have to be doing a promotion.

      Do you have an account with a third party debt collector? I doubt it!

      Something to keep your eye on, Boiler

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