CreditRage -1- Introduction and Order to Show Cause

This is the initial CreditRage episode #1 that I have been holding back on you. If you listen to it, you will discover the two reasons that I didn’t post it when I recorded it.

The first reason is that the audio quality is really bad because of road noise. The noise kicks in about half way through the recording. Sorry.


Since I received settlement I have decided to upgrade my Honda Civic with part of the settlement money. It is like playing poker with the house’s money. Hopefully the new tires, front struts and control arms make the car quieter. We will know soon enough! I think it is funny to put $1500 into a $3000 car.

Thanks for listening and as always your feedback is welcome. It keeps me going.

Fight your Good Fight, Boiler

  1. Thanks for this post. I too have a late settlement payment. I will keep an eye on the date we put in the court with our notice of settlement.

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