CreditRage -16- FDCPA and Social Media Thoughts

Hi All,

With the prevalence of social media, I thought I should share my thoughts with you. How does the FDCPA apply to social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter?

Listen to my podcast and hear my thoughts.

Also, this is another podcast with road noise. Sorry.

Fight the Essential Fight, Boiler

  1. After listening to this I cleaned up my Facebook account and deleted my LinkedIn account. I dont want those bastards at Midland or Seldin and Ferrell to find me that easily!

    • Steve,
      Although it may seem like the this isnt true… The best thing to do is usually face the music, then fight them.
      If you hide from collection dirtbags, they will often get a summary judgement against you. Then you will have an uphill battle to get them out of your life.
      Fight the Essential Fight, Boiler

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