CreditRage -17- Evidence Against You



First of all, I stutter in this podcast right out of the gate! It made me laugh while I was posting it, so I didn’t edit it out. Anyhow…

I wanted to talk today about the evidence that debt collectors will present when challenged about debt in an FDCPA, FCRA or TCPA lawsuit. You may get the same pack of papers when you send out a debt validation letter.

You will usually get statements from months gone by. Are these accurate? Check them really closely. They have been know to have errors in addresses, acct # and everything else. Also, and mainly, who testifies to their accuracy. Usually no one. Without a person swearing to their authenticity, they are hearsay.

Also, look at the agreements you are sent. Who signed the agreements? Was the signer from the original lender? Does the agreement have your signature on it?

This can go on for quite a while. My point is to put the documentation under the microscope and don’t take any thing for granted or take anyone’s word on this documentation.

If you have any questions or have a specific example you want addressed, please let me know.

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