CreditRage -27- Steve vs. Farrell & Seldin with Midland


Here is Steve’s story with Farrell & Seldin. I constantly mispronounce Seldin’s name during this podcast. That is not out of disrespect. It is out of disrespect that I dont fix it.

This is a two part story. The rest of the story will be on CreditRage 28 later this week. Consider CreditRage 27 incomplete until you listen to CreditRage 28.

Also, apparently, a summons does not need to be signed by the court. At least that is the situation here. Call your clerk if you have a question about summons where you live.

Fight the Essential Fight, Boiler

  1. I cant wait for the credit rage 28. I am in a similar situation to Steve. I may need to call you or contact you for help. I hope you are good on your offer.

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