Dirtbag Debt Collector #2 – NCO


NCO is a dirt bag debt collector our of Pennsylvania. NCO is particularly fond of putting information on your credit report without verifying the information. Isn’t that the consumer’s responsibility? (Sarcasm)collection-laws-fdcpa-fcra-tcpa

Apparently, NCO’s violations were so heinous that they awoke the sleeping giant also known as the FTC. To awake the FTC, you have to do something pretty heinous.

The FTC won the largest FDCPA case ever when they went after NCO. The FTC was awarded 1.5 million dollars. That sounds like a lot of money, but it is not to NCO. I believe they consider this the cost of doing business.

NCO Financial Systems is also known as: NCO Group, Inc., NCO Portfolio Management, Inc., NCO Financial Services, Inc., Transworld Systems, Inc., North Shore Agency, Inc.

NCO Financial Systems Contact Information

507 Prudential Road
Horsham, PA 19044-2308

NCO Telephone Numbers

800-350-2457, 215-442-8300, 877-315-1990, 866-478-2723, 800-448-9570, 614-717-4395, 888-495-8353, 877-567-4607, 800-206-7177, 800-735-6588, 877-725-0691, 866-225-8251, 800-685-4343, 800-445-4918, 888-550-4514

If NCO is on your credit record, you likely have a pretty good lawsuit and can site the FTC case.

Fight Your Good Fight, Boiler





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  1. Boiler, as we discussed on the phone last night… NCO is owned by JP Morgan/Chase. It seems like the deck is stacked against us. Steve

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