Dirtbag Debt Collector #3 & 4 – Midland Funding & Credit Management


You may as well throw in Encore Capital too. While your at it add in these sister companies:

  • Midland Credit Management, Inc.
  • MRC Receivables Corporation
  • Midland Funding NCC-2 Corporation
  • Midland Portfolio Services, Inc.
  • Midland Funding LLC
  • Ascension Capital Group, Inc. (Bankruptcy Servicing)
  • Midland India LLC
  • Midland Credit Management India Private Limited
  • Midland International LLC
  • Midland Credit Management (Mauritius) Ltd

Also, I previously wrote about another sister company that is related to the Midland/Encore family that will help you organize your finances if you put your financial information in their website payoff.com Who in their right mind would do this?collection-laws-fdcpa-fcra-tcpa

Anyhow, Midland and family routinely just pop up on your credit without notification. The have been known to sue people for debt that is past the statute of limitations. They have been sued for violating almost every facet of the FDCPA and FCRA.

In Minnesota, for example, Midland Funding agreed to change its collection practices after the state of Minnesota accused it of filing unreliable court papers and carelessly targeting people for debts they didn’t owe, Attorney General Lori Swanson announced. The Midland family of companies are all dirt bags

In the Minnesota case, Midland employees admitted in sworn testimony that they signed up to 400 mass-produced affidavits a day either without reading them, without knowing what they contained, and/or without verifying whether they contained accurate information, Swanson’s office said in a statement. Dirt Bags….

Midland is the third largest collection company in the US if not the world.

If you would like to contact Midland Funding, here is there address and their parent company, Encore:

Midland Credit Management, Inc. (MCM)
8875 Aero Drive, Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92123

Encore Capital Group
3111 Camino Del Rio North, Suite 1300
San Diego, CA 92108

If I can help you with a problem related to Midland Funding, please let me know.

Fight Your Good Fight, Boiler




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    • MARCUS,
      Pro Se litigants win lawsuits every day. They could overwhelm you with lawyers if they were right. Since you are right, why do you care how many lawyers they send. You may end up making extra photo copies…
      Fight the good fight, Boiler

  1. Boiler, I believe I would have to list Midland and its companies as the #1 dirtbag. From all I’ve seen and dealt with, they are by far the worst!


    • Ron,
      Maybe I should have had a tie for #1!
      So may of these collection firms are dirtbags, I could have had any of them be number one.
      I tend to agree with you that Midland might be the worse of the dirtbags.
      Thanks for the comment, Boiler

  2. I received a letter that they where locking in to my private info and I never gave them any info but they said they can do that is that right? And how they just obtain it with asking me first

    • Angelo,

      I need more information to answer this well. Here is my general take on what you have posted.

      Midland sent you a letter telling you they were looking into you private info. Is this correct?

      If so and it were me, I would send them a debt violation letter. If they continue without validating the debt, they are violating the FDCPA. It is unlikely they can validate the debt.

      Email me if you have any questions – boiler@notlegaladvice.org

      Fight the Essential Fight, Boiler

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