Dirtbag Debt Collector #6 – Asset Acceptance


It is getting difficult to rank the dirt bag debt collectors. I wonder is there are degrees of being dirt bags or if it an absolute and you are a dirt bag or you are not. Anyhow, without further ado, here is dirt bag collector #6 on our list. Congratulations Asset Acceptance!

Asset Acceptance is a dirt bag collector out of Warren, Michigan. They are so flawed that the FTC has plucked 2.5 million dollars from them for their illegal behavior. You know it is bad when the FTC wakes up and takes notice that you are dirtbags.

Here is the FTC ruling from the FTC website.

Here are the issues that the FTC had with Asset Acceptance:

  • misrepresenting that consumers owed a debt when it could not substantiate its representations;
  • failing to disclose that debts are too old to be legally enforceable or that a partial payment would extend the time a debt could be legally enforceable;
  • providing information to credit reporting agencies, while knowing or having reasonable cause to believe that the information was inaccurate;
  • failing to notify consumers in writing that it provided negative information to a credit reporting agency;
  • failing to conduct a reasonable investigation when it received a notice of dispute from a credit reporting agency;
  • repeatedly calling third parties who do not owe a debt;
  • informing third parties about a debt;
  • using illegal debt-collection practices, including misrepresenting the character, amount, or legal status of a debt; providing inaccurate information to credit reporting agencies; and making false representations to collect a debt; and
  • failing to provide verification of the debt and continuing to attempt to collect a debt when it is disputed by the consumer.

Wow, is that all? This is exactly what I would sue them for if they were to involve themselves in my affairs.

Here is their address:

Asset Acceptance, LLC

P.O. Box 2036 warren Michigan 48090

Numerious people have claimed that if you agree to a settlement with them and make a payment, they will continue to collect the same debt. I would never negotiate a settlement with them, unless it was for a lawsuit I had filed.

Good luck with these dirtbags.

Fight the Good Fight, Boiler


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