Dirtbag Debt Collector #7 – National Credit Solutions, Oklahoma City


National Credit Solutions is a collection company located in Oklahoma City. They are not to be confused with National Credit Solutions in Texas. The NCS located in Oklahoma is evil, the National Credit Solutions located in Texas is not a collection company and actually helps people.

National Credit Solutions in OKC has a habit of putting debt on your credit report from BMG for mail order CDs and DVDs. They almost never send you notification of an issue. they wait for you to find the issue on your credit report so that you have to contact them. It is not uncommon for you to have never received anything from BMG. It is not uncommon for you to have never heard of BMG and still get your credit dinged. Because National Credit Solutions puts bogus accounts on your credit reports, they are dirt bags.

Here is their address if you would like to send them a Christmas card or a account dispute:

National Credit Solutions

(405) 619-3630

3675 E I 240 Service Rd, Oklahoma City, OK | Directions  

Check your local state for where to server them in your state.

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  1. Actually everyone has there information incorrect. National credit solutions doesnt place the debt on anyones credit report. They function just the same as any other debt collection company. They are HIRED by other debt collection companies to recover revenue that they are unable to obtain from the consumer. The creditor (ie. pacific bell, cox cable, sprint, etc..) is the one that reports the debt to the 3 credit reporting agencies. The issue is that these creditors do not handle their own collections and they outsource to other companies for assistance like National Credit Solutions in OKC, NCO, or any other debt collection company. No Im not standing up for them, I was a target for this company as well, I just took some time to do some research not only against this company, but using multiple companies and information from the credit bureaus as well. Unfortunately oine of the things I learned from them is that credit is reported by your name and address not with you social. If the collection company has your social, it just means that its hard evidence that the debt is 99.9 percent yours.

    • Penny,
      I either and not understanding what you are saying or I disagree.
      If you look at a credit report and it list one of your collection trade lines as “National Credit Solutions, Collection Account, $3853.98”, are you saying that they are not reporting the debt to your credit report?
      True, they may be hired to collect the debt, but they also could have bought the debt. Making it their account.
      I also disagree that if they have your social security number, the debt is 99.9% likely to be yours. Identity theft if rife in the world and is a distinct possibility.

      Also, on this site we don’t generally argue the debt. That is a losing position for many reasons. We argue the debt collectors conduct, not the debt.

      I have not had an issue with National Credit Solutions yet, so I have not taken them to task. I hope get what you want from them.
      Fight Your Essential Fight, Boiler

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