Dirtbag Debt Collector #9 – Palisades

Dirtbag debt collector#9 on my list is Palisades Collection. They get the honor for being dirtbags that constantly call and harass people. There are numerous accounts of people getting called by Palisades for a person they don’t know. Then it



is damn near impossible to get them to stop calling the wrong number. this clearly sets them up for FDCPA and TCPA causes of action.

Also, they will show up on your credit report thus a likely FCRA violation.

Here is the contact information for these dirtbags:

Palisades Collection LLC

(201) 567-2438

210 Sylvan Ave, #1, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

If you would like to sue them, look up their registered agent on your State’s business registry website.That is where you will want to have them served with THEIR lawsuit.

In my experience, Palisades is easy to sue as they make many mistakes. I know two people who have sued Palisades this year and settled with them promptly. These two people had at least 10 negative lines on their credit report related to Palisades. These records were promptly removed after a lawsuit was filed. After the negatives were removed, all that was in question was how large of a check Palisades was going to write to have these people settle. That is the position you want to be in if you are dealing with these dirtbags.

Fight the essential fight,



  1. I am shocked these bastards are not ranked higher. they have been sending me letters for months and I wish they would crawl in a hole and die. Mike

    • Mike,
      There are a lot of dirtbag collectors out in the world. There are eight worse in my opinion.
      These bastards will not crawl into a hole and die. You need to put them in the hole.
      You need to find their violations of the law and sue them. That will put them in the hole…
      Fight the essential fight!

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