Email Question about Chase Foreclosure

Here is a question I received in email:


I have lived in my house for over 35 years. Four years ago I sold the house to my daughter. I was to pay rent to her and continue to live here. I lost my job and couldn’t pay her so she hasn’t paid the mortgage. Now Chase and their lawyers are trying to foreclose. My daughter refuses to fight Chase and the lawyers. She says it is not her problem. Can I sue Chase and the lawyers so I do not end up on the street?

Thank You. Merriam

Here was my reply:


Sorry you find yourself in such a predicament and I wished I had better news for you.

Let me start with the fact that I am not an expert on foreclosure; especially in your state. That said:

If the lawyers and Chase are foreclosing on the house and the mortgage, note and house are all in your daughter’s name there is nothing you can do legally. Legally, the problem is hers.

You have two options from what I see. you can change your daughter’s mind with her being involved in a fight or negotiations. Lastly you can plan your next domicile and pack.

I wish I had more cheerful advice, but the ball is in your daughter’s court not yours.

Thank you, Boiler

  1. This is the story of our whole country. I feel sorry for the millions of people in similar positions. I wish there was something we could do to help. Mike

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