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Another question from Ryan. Keep them coming!

Hi Boiler, I found your site while searching for some help and also some complaints on Carson Smithfield. I had a bankruptcy that was dismissed in 2003, but after that I had some slow pays and no pays because I was trying to build my business. However, there are some things on my report that I just do not believe are mine. While the issues are far and few between, I have manage to grow my business leaps and bounds in a slow economy.

The problem is these vultures keep calling me.

I went to the bank to secure a business loan and they had one issue with a creditor that was on my report. I called them, and they sent me to Carson Smithfield.

I thought the best course was to make a deal with them, so they told me on the phone that they would settle for 60% of the debt. I said ok to resolve it, and they said they would send me a release. Low and behold I received a letter from them, but it wasn’t a release, it was another collection letter for the balance. WTF!!! Can you help?

I also have two more issues on my report, that I think are bogus and I just don’t know what to do. Can you help? Thanks, Ryan

Here is my slightly edited reply:

I think the disturbing thing is that you see what happens when you try to deal with debt collectors. As you have seen, they are liars and are only in business for profit. There is no win-win with them. This is the reason that I have chosen to fight them at every opportunity.

The first thing you will want to do is pull your three major credit reports. Dispute every negative item on the report with the credit reporting agency. Every negative account without exceptions. Then wait and see what the credit reporting agencies do.

If they remove the issues, you are done. Based on my experience, that is not likely. The next step would be to write the creditor and ask them for documentation. They will send you bogus information… there will be no signatures or validation.

Then it is time to sue them if you have any violations. You likely will have four or five violations. If you have laid your groundwork properly this will just be paperwork. I will help you with this and you will win.

I would love to talk to you and make sure you understand what I would do if I were you. Thanks, Boiler

Let me know if you guys have any questions or comments, Boiler


  1. This is my first time on this site. I had a similar experience with Carson Smithfield. I allegedly owed them about $9600. We settled for $5000. When they send me the agreement, it was for $9600. They told me they would adjust the amount when they got the paperwork and could process my discount.

    I didnt sign it and have yet to pay them a nickel.

    Thanks for this info. I bet Carson Smithfield will be in your top ten list. Top 5 maybe?

    Tom M

    • Tom M,
      Once again, welcome aboard!
      Carson Smithfield does seem untrustworthy from the feedback I get. Alleged Debtor beware!
      To tell you the truth, getting in the top ten of my list is competitive to say the least. Check back soon.
      Fight the Good Fight, Boiler

    • M,
      These are two different issues you need to keep separate. Calling you is one issue and may be a FDCPA and/or TCPA violation. The credit reporting of an alleged account could be a FCRA violation.
      Also, I doubt you have a debt to Carson Smithfield. Answer this question with only a yes or no answer. Did you ever barrow money from and get a check from Carson Smithfield?
      I bet you answered “no”. There’s your answer.
      Fight the good fight, Boiler

    • M,
      I do not charge for my help. I may tell you what I would do, but that is it.
      If you really want to spend money and be disappointed with the results, get yourself a lawyer. If there are two things they are good at it is accumulating billable hours and losing cases.
      Let me know if I can be of assistance to you.

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