Are we getting to the collectors? MiniRANT



Often I get asked if the collectors care that we are suing them for FDCPA, TCPA and FCRA. Some believe this is the “cost of doing business” and the collectors have this cost built into their business model. This may be Webrecon-jack-gordontrue but…

Like any business, collectors what to maximize profits and lower costs. Growing litigation costs hurt their bottom line. So suing them makes a difference in their business results. The more people that stand up for their rights, the less attractive the collectors bottom line is to shareholders and investors.

Further proof that the collectors care is that they buy lists of people that have sued collectors in state and federal court. The collectors use these lists to “scrub” their databases of people who have sued in the past. Thus if you have sued a debt collector you are less likely to get calls from these blood suckers.

Webrecon is a company that sells such data to collectors to scub their database. I would post a link but I don’t want to help their status on the search engines by giving them backlinks. Webrecon is owned by Jack Gorden. Jack is one of the people that no one will miss if he drowns in his own shit that comes out of his mouth. In case you haven’t guessed, I am not a big fan of Jack’s.

Anyhow, keep after the collectors. We are changing things and changing the collector’s bottom line.

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  1. Webrecon is a CRA. Have you asked for your free credit report/file from them yet? They are subject to FCRA.

    Can you say “reinvestigation” of erroneous information in your webrecon report? Time to dispute!

    • JP,
      I agree with you. I have requested and recieved my credit report from Webrecon and sent them a subsequent dispute. Just like we plan.

      Jack Gordon filed an affidavit in my lawsuit stating they were not a CRA. I wasn’t even suing him or Webrecon yet. That is why I think he is human garbage and said in this post I think he may drown in his own excrement. Normally, I dont talk that way.

      Anyhow, Great comment and dead on.

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