How Do You Opt Out of Credit Offers?


There are two types of inquiries on your credit

The first type is a type of credit pull that affects your credit score. This is commonly called a “hard pull”. An example of this type of inquiry is when you apply for a car loan. This will hurt your score.

The second type of inquiry on your credit report is one that does not effect your credit score. This is commonly called a “soft pull”. An example of this is if a cell phone provider paid Experian to give them a list of 2 million people who matched a certain credit profile. A lot of these type of promotional offers can be opted out of by a consumer.

If you would like to opt out from getting these unsolicited credit offers, sign up here:

Keep in mind when you are dealing with legal issues related to inquiries on your credit report that the FCRA does not distinguish between soft and hard pulls. Legally, when somebody pulls your credit without your permission it is an issue except for promotional pulls. For some reason, promotional pull related lawsuits are really difficult to win.

Keep fighting your good fight, Boiler

  1. Is this something you want to do or does it prevent you from filing lawsuits?
    It seems to me like you would want them to pull your credit, then sue them. MM

    • Mitch,
      Most, if not all, of these type of inquiries are going to be promotional in nature. It is really difficult to sue for promotional credit pulls.
      Thanks, Boiler

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