I Got a Check Yesterday

I was a little bit sleepy when I recorded this late last night so I may sound a little distant.

I am really excited that I got a settlement check from an East coast collection agency Monday. The details I give are a bit sketchy as I had to sign a confidentiality agreement to get the settlement. This is pretty Standard. If I seem shifty on the details, it is for that reason.

This is my second completed FDCPA lawsuit. I have won both of my completed cases. I will be filing at least one more next week. I will take part of my settlement and use it to pay the $350 filing fee.

You can do this too.

Fight the essential fight,


  1. Really cool to see you got your check. It does work. The guy that told me about this site (Mike D) has recieved on check for $1500 too. Keep it up! Art in Ft. Myers

    • Art,

      you really can get checks from collectors. Your friend is correct.

      It takes a little time and a little bit of studying. You can do it!

      Thanks! Boiler

  2. This is amazing that you turned the tables on the collectors. Can this work after you are getting sued by them? ST (not my real name)

    • ST (not your real name),
      You can still sue for FDCPA causes of action in federal court after you are sued in local (kangaroo) court. In fact, you need to get on it. The issue will be that if the collector gets judgement against you in the local (kangaroo) court, you will have a hard time in federal court. You need to file a federal complaint as soon as you possibly can. Let me know if I can assist.
      Fight the good fight, Boiler

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