Legal Flow Charts and Timelines – Plus a Settlement


I have previously made and posted a flow chart of how federal lawsuits will flow. People seem to like it and I have not updated it as I have seen no reason to do so.

Here is the link to the flow chart:

This flowchart came to mind while doing legal research this week. I stumbled upon this:

Civil Dispositive Motions: A Basic Breakdown

I really thought this was useful and you may want to save the link if you are currently or about to be involved in a federal lawsuit.

In an unrelated situation, I just wanted to update you that I have received two settlement checks this month. One check was less than a thousand dollars. It was a weak suit and while I was deciding if I was going to file, they offered me a small settlement. After some negotiation, I have a small check in my hand. It is the first time I have settled for such a small amount, but I think the suit was weak. I really didn’t want to file a weak suit and have the potential of losing. I am not a good loser. Thankfully, I have not lost yet.

This process does work. I have received over 20 checks.

Fight the good fight, Boiler

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