Name That Violation! – Call from a Collector – #2

Hello all,

I wanted to thank you for visiting my site. Yesterday I had a record number of visitors. I think this is do to many people coming back to read new comments and also due to some Search Engine Optimization.

There wouldn’t be traffic with out you. So thank YOU!

The two most popular pages at my site are the a collection call and related conversation, my chat with Brad from NCS, and anything with the word settlement in it. It amuses me how many people search for “FDCPA settlement” and end up on this blog.

Getting back to business:

This is another typical collection call. I don’t mention in the recording what a Mini-Miranda is. It is the statement you hear or read that starts with, “This is an attempt to collect a debt. Anything…” You have probable heard it before.

Also, I mentioned in the recording that I will list the violation for collection on a disputed debt. FDCPA 1692 g(B) states that a collector must cease collection efforts until a disputed debt is validated. This is a common violation of the FDCPA.

Lastly, I wanted to give you links to the reading materials I mentioned. These are not sponsored links, just links:

National Consumer Law Center

Stick It To Sue Happy Debt Collectors: Learn How to Fight Debt Collection Lawsuits and Win

The New Jim Crow

Please read and educate yourself. These people count on us being illiterate and uneducated.

Education is the first step in fighting the good fight.


  1. This is great! I get enjoy listening to these type of podcasts. Please keep up the good work. I vote for a third edition of name that violation! Rick is Flagstaff

    • Rick, glad you enjoyed listening to this. I am concerned it will get stale if I do another one. Also, they rarely call me.
      Best, Boiler

  2. I read “Stick it To Sue Happy Debt Collectors…” also. It is a great read for you if you are in state court as I was last October. This book alone got me out of trouble with Palisades. I am now working on suing Palisades in federal court in North Texas. Can you tell me if my state court lawsuit is a collection action by Palisades? I am ready to get them! Thanks for the template. Mike in Texas

    • Mike in Texas,
      I enjoyed the book as well. I read it on my Kindle. How cool is that?
      It was an excellent book on dealing with local and state courts. I recommend avoiding state and local courts like the plague as they are rife with corruption.
      As you know, we advocate cases in federal court. You are on target for the FDCPA and FCRA with Palisades. I have experience with Palisades and would go after them if I were you. I have information I can give you in private if you email me.

      Is a state lawsuit a collection action? Are they trying to get money from you? Hell yes it is a collection action. Go get ’em.

      Fight the good fight, Boiler

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