What is Boiler up to?

All, I have not posted in a while. It is well past time to update you and let you know that it will be more difficult to contact me going forward. I still believe in everything posted on this site. The philosophies and methodologies I have written about and have spoken to still hold up. They continue to stand the test of time. I will continue to [...]

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Are we getting to the collectors? MiniRANT

All, Often I get asked if the collectors care that we are suing them for FDCPA, TCPA and FCRA. Some believe this is the "cost of doing business" and the collectors have [...]

Is reporting a debt on your credit report a collection action?

I am working on a lawsuit and ran across this section of somebody else's lawsuit and thought it might interest you: Credit reporting constitutes an attempt to collect a debt. [...]

New TCPA Ruling

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is a great tool to stop unwanted cell phone calls or texts. If somebody calls your cell phone without your prior consent, they are [...]

Latest Webrecon Statistics on FDCPA, FCRA, & TCPA

Webrecon is a company that tracks FDCPA, FCRA and TCPA lawsuits. If you end up in their database, you are a lot less likely to get sued  by a slack ass debt collector. That [...]

Should we use drones to kill citizens without a trial?

Should we use drones to kill citizens without a trial? Your government thinks so. [embedplusvideo height="388" width="640" editlink="http://bit.ly/1jR74rg" [...]

What Really Happened With TCPA?

You can learn a lot from your enemy. Sun Tzu never said that in The Art of War.... Anyhow, check out this video on the TCPA. You can learn a lot if you can get through the [...]

Who Owns You?

I love this video. It made me think about going to Federal Court and cowering to their "authority". Does the Federal Court own me? I don't think they do. If I wasn't going [...]

Comments – Resident47 – FDCPA

Hi all, I am not convinced that I get all of the comments that you have been posting. If you post a comment and it does not show up after a day or so, please email me - [...]

Statutory and Actual Damages CreditRage Uncut 16

Here is a quick chat about statutory and actual damages. I was on the phone with a lawyer this morning and she seemed to be confused. Perhaps she was testing me. Either way, I [...]

Res Judicata – CreditRage Uncut 15

Res Judicata - When you are dealing with collectors, you need to make sure they do not get a judgment against you in a local court. If this happens, you will have a difficult, [...]