Pro Se with out Money? Go IN FORMA PAUPERIS….

Filing fees for federal lawsuits are $350. If you are going to file a few lawsuits, this will really add up quickly.

If you truly can not afford to file your lawsuits, you can file your case IN FORMA PAUPERIS. IN FORMA PAUPERIS in Latin means “in the character or manner of a pauper”… or in other words you cant afford the filing fee.

This is just another form to turn in when you file your suit. And here are the instructions. These are for federal courts.

There are likely similar IN FORMA PAUPERIS forms for your local courts. Check your local rules and with the clerk of the court.

The advantages of filing IN FORMA PAUPERIS is that, obviously, you dont have to pay the fees. Another advantage is that often the court will direct the Federal Marshals to server your paperwork on the defendants.

This disadvantage is that it seems to take longer and you loose control of these tasks.

IN FORMA PAUPERIS is another tool to help you fight the good fight, Boiler

  1. Wow, I dont knew this form of filing a lawsuit. It is a good solution for many of us, since many are in debt beacuse the bad economy and we havnt money for pay the fees of a lawsuit.

    • Mr. Johny,
      IN FORMA PAUPERIS is the way to go if you find yourself in a bad situation. I have not heard of anyone getting denied for this.
      Best wishes, and let me know if I can do anything to help you out.
      Fight the essential fight!

  2. hi, why dont you just get a lawyer? you can not win without a lawyer. even grade school kids know that. the lawyers know more about the FDCPAC than you do.

    • A lawyer is an added expense that does not add value to what I do. If you are a “sit on the couch and watch TV” type person, the lawyer might be an option for you. A lawyer will not increase the odds of you winning and getting what you want in my opinion. I think the lawyer will have a negative impact other than making less work for you.

      Best, Boiler

    • One other comment. I think you are referring to the FDCPA or the FCRA when you stat that the lawyers know more than I do. This is 100% false. I have yet to sue or talk to a lawyer that knew either of these laws better than I do. In fact there is only one that comes close. Except for one, most lawyers don’t know squat about this law. They are better versed in billing issues (joke?).

      Thanks, Boiler

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