Question from Tim in Georgia

Here is an email from Tim, dunning letter from debt collector

An attorney sent me a dunning letter stating they represent the original creditor – Chase Bank credit card. Chase states on my credit report the account is closed and has been charged off. They are still reporting on my credit report even thought the account is charged off and closed.

The letter from the attorney said they were a debt collector.

I sent a debt validation letter to the attorney. They have not responded back in almost 90 days.

How long do they have to reply?

Tim in Atlanta, Georgia

Here is my reply:


The attorney/debt collector does not have to reply or do anything. This is a common misconception of the FDCPA.

What they do have to do is stop collection activities on this account. See USC 1692 c(C)

Also, remember that the charge off is nothing that is of value to you. It is an accounting procedure that does not affect the debt in relation to you.

Fight the good fight, Boiler

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