Rant: Trigger Words

OK… I felt like letting loose another mild-mannered rant.

If you don’t know what I was talking about when I offhandedly mentioned Building 7, here is the story.

Also, on 9/11 i know that there were 19 hijackers. I mistakenly talked about there being 11 during the podcast.

Another major theme I did not mention on the price of gas is that of the “fixed dollar” mindset. People are manipulated by thinking that the dollar is a constant. So if the value of the dollar drops significantly, the price of everything else will appear to go up. Think about that late at night!

Another thing I thought of while re-listening to my recording is how mentioning Conspiracy Theory will kill credibility. I guess that is the price for a rant…

Keep fighting the good fight. We will get back to talking about the FDCPA and FCRA in the next post. Let me know what questions I can address for you.


  1. Boiler,
    Awesome! I enjoy all your podcasts. Please keep ranting!
    Quick question. Do you think the price of gas would not be an issue if we had stayed on the gold/silver standard?

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