Key notes are important rulings that were decided an any case.  Key Notes are the important rulings quoted in other

Westlaw publishing sells a reference manual for searching “KEY NOTES” from cases, which will make everyone’s searching infinitely more efficient.

One can find tons of case law, with pin point accuracy, just by searching the 400 main topics first and then the 100,000 individual line database under those topics.  This book is called, “WEST’S ANALYSIS OF AMERICAN LAW.  2012 EDITION.”


West Analysis of American Law is a complete guide to the West Key Numbering System, which organizes American case law into more that 400 main topics and over 100,000 individual lines.  The Key Numbering System provides the framework for West’s American Digest System, serving as an index to individual points of law contained in all reported American cases.  The analysis also contains scope notes and cross-references.


Each line in the Key Numbering System represents a distinct legal idea, and can be used with Westlaw, West Books, and West CD-ROM libraries to pinpoint case and other legal materials dealing with that legal issue.


softbound book sells for $95.00 but is on sale for $76.00

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