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Is Credit Reporting an Attempt to Collect a Debt?

All, I have been asked this question frequently. Yes, Credit Reporting is an attempt to collect a debt. Until now, I have not pasted any case law. I was [...]

Can a person sue the furnisher of information if they falsely report on a Credit Report? FCRA

boiler williams fix credit
I was asked how to sue a furnisher of information for reporting false data on a persons credit report. This person (Billy) pulled his credit and has four [...]

Is reporting a debt on your credit report a collection action?

I am working on a lawsuit and ran across this section of somebody else's lawsuit and thought it might interest you: Credit reporting constitutes an attempt to [...]

TCPA Case Law – Nelson vs. Santander 11-cv-307-bbc

TCPA- Nelson vs. Santander
All, Some of the lawsuits we file are for significant money and some are not. In a normal case the most statutory damages you are going to get will likely [...]

Case Law: Dixon-Rollins v. Experian Information Services et al ~ 2:09-cv-00646-TJS

This case revolves around inaccurate items on Dixon-Rollins' credit report. Initially, the jury awarded Dixon-Rollins $500,000. this amount was reduced to [...]

Student Loan Help

As you know, if I am not an expert on some of the subjects I cover, I will let you know. For example, I do not help people in foreclosure. Here is another [...]

Use of Affidavits by Debt Collectors – The Big Bluff

All, Talking to people about standing up to debt collectors is a hard sell. Most people are too afraid of the court systems and lawyers to stand up for [...]

Can Lawyers Testify in Court? CreditRage Uncut 7 – Trinsey v Pagliaro

Debt Collectors and Lawyers pull a lot of dirty tricks on consumers. One common trick to play on a consumer is to actually testify in court. Lawyers are either [...]

Free Legal Research Book for Normal People (Pro Se)

All, Here is my first book and it is free until Tuesday 11/12/13! After that it is 99 cents. This is my book about how to research federal cases using [...]

Who has the Right to Pull your Credit?

Who has the Right to Pull your Credit? FCRA § 604 – 15 U.S.C. § 1681b(a)(3)(A) PERMISSIBLE PURPOSE… Who Has the Right to Pull Your [...]