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Basic Question: FDCPA

All here is a question that was emailed to me from Amy C: I have two collectors calling my cell. One collector has been calling me for 9 months, the other has [...]

TCPA Case Law – Nelson vs. Santander 11-cv-307-bbc

TCPA- Nelson vs. Santander
All, Some of the lawsuits we file are for significant money and some are not. In a normal case the most statutory damages you are going to get will likely [...]

CreditRage -30- Tell Collector about new cell phone?

In this CreditRage I discuss a phone issue and rant a bit more about the NSA. One point of this is to have collectors find your phone number without giving [...]

Dirt bag Debt Collector #8 – Credit Collection Services

Number 8 on our top ten dirt bag collection agencies is Credit Collection Services! Credit Collection services earns this distinction by collecting on [...]

Rant: Concerned about your privacy while searching the Internet?

All: I have to admit that I am not at all surprised that the NSA has been tracking our cell phone conversations and our emails. This is a great time to break [...]

DOJ Reaches Settlement with Law Firm Over Fraudulent Debt Collection Practices

There are more laws than just the FDCPA, FCRA and TCPA that debt collectors routinely violate. Of course most sates have similar laws that the collectors [...]

Does Case Law Scare You If It Is Not In Your Favor?

I read a lot of cases. I read almost every one I see. There are cases that go for and against the consumer. There is often case law on the exact same legal [...]

Is the Governement reading your Emails?

I like this video of an NSA whistle-blower. If the Government inst reading your emails, they are collecting them and can read all of them when they [...]

Recording phone calls from collectors

Many times a collector will call you and break the law. I wanted to share with you my methods of recording phone calls. The first issue to consider is that [...]

How to Ask a Question – New Phone Number

If you have questions for me, I will do my best to answer them. The best way is to call me and leave a message. My phone number is 206-426-5079. Call [...]