Top Ten Dirt Bag Debt Collectors – DisHonorable Mention

Updated: 8/28/13 - First of all, after re-reading this, I have to admit it made me laugh again. Then after I laughed, I began to get concerned that this [...]

Dirtbag Debt Collector #7 – National Credit Solutions, Oklahoma City

National Credit Solutions is a collection company located in Oklahoma City. They are not to be confused with National Credit Solutions in Texas. The NCS [...]

Dirtbag Debt Collector #6 – Asset Acceptance

It is getting difficult to rank the dirt bag debt collectors. I wonder is there are degrees of being dirt bags or if it an absolute and you are a dirt bag or [...]

Dirtbag Debt Collector #5 – LVNV

All, Now we are getting to the core of the dirt bag debt collectors! Coming in at #5 is LNLV! Congratulations LVNV! NVLV has a nasty habit of showing up [...]

Dirtbag Debt Collector #3 & 4 – Midland Funding & Credit Management

You may as well throw in Encore Capital too. While your at it add in these sister companies: Midland Credit Management, Inc. MRC Receivables [...]

NCO Addresses, Emails and Phone Numbers

I came across addresses of NCO "people" that might interest you. These are from litigious consumer, who I personally don't think I know. Anyhow, here they [...]

Elements of a FDCPA Case

To have a FDCPA case, you have to have the essential "elements" or your case can, and should, be tossed out. Keep this in mind when evaluating your case. Also, [...]

Use of Affidavits by Debt Collectors – The Big Bluff

All, Talking to people about standing up to debt collectors is a hard sell. Most people are too afraid of the court systems and lawyers to stand up for [...]

CreditRage Uncut 5 What to do if you are sued by a debt collector

Here are my thoughts on what you should do if you are sued by a debt collector. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUXnw6Xmajs I will post a sample answer [...]

Sample Answer to a Credit Card Lawsuit

All, Here is my answer to credit card lawsuits.  sample answer The first section that most people would call the header is called the styling. This section [...]