Top Ten Dirt Bag Debt Collectors – DisHonorable Mention

Updated: 8/28/13 - First of all, after re-reading this, I have to admit it made me laugh again. Then after I laughed, I began to get concerned that this [...]

Turn off your Television

Ok. A bit of conspiracy theory kind of stuff. I get to have some fun don't I? [...]

The Golden Rule of Fighting Debt Collectors

All, In this podcast I discuss what I call the "Golden Rule of Fighting Debt Collectors". What to know what the rule is? Listen to the free podcast! I also [...]

Misc Law Related Links – Taxes and Traffic Tickets – Off Topic

All, I have run across some interesting links over the last few days I wanted to share with you. None of these are paid links; For moving violations check [...]

Where is the Outrage? …with a Mild Mannered Rant.

Hello... I wanted to take a moment to take my attention off of the debt collectors. The debt collectors, the FDCPA, FCRA, etc. are my top passion in life [...]