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Top Ten Dirt Bag Debt Collectors – DisHonorable Mention

Updated: 8/28/13 - First of all, after re-reading this, I have to admit it made me laugh again. Then after I laughed, I began to get concerned that this [...]

Dirtbag Debt Collector #6 – Asset Acceptance

It is getting difficult to rank the dirt bag debt collectors. I wonder is there are degrees of being dirt bags or if it an absolute and you are a dirt bag or [...]

Email Question about Phone Calls and Credit Reports

Another question from Ryan. Keep them coming! Hi Boiler, I found your site while searching for some help and also some complaints on Carson Smithfield. I had a [...]

Prioritizing your Collection Issues- Statute of Limitations

All, As you know if you have been paying attention, I settled two lawsuits last week. This week I withdrew one. The two I settled were FDCPA and FCRA [...]