There is going to be a drama TV series about Debt Collectors

From the “It was a slow day at” file:

If you haven’t got enough of debt collectors calling you and sending you letters, you will soon be able to watch a TV show with them called, “Paper”.

HBO has announced that it will be making a show about debt collectors and Brad Pitt is involved! What could possibly be better…

Pardon the sarcasm. I have never seen show and have not read the articles that inspired the show. You can read the articles here…

Usually HBO does a great job on their shows and documentaries, so I will probably check it out. What do you think?

Fight your Good Fight, Boiler

    • Mary,
      I don’t find Brad physically attractive. I must admit I like him as an actor and as a seemingly sincere philanthropist.
      I have low expectations for this show but don’t want to be too critical until I have seen it.
      Thanks for the comment, Boiler

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