Top Ten Dirt Bag Debt Collectors – DisHonorable Mention


Updated: 8/28/13 – First of all, after re-reading this, I have to admit it made me laugh again. Then after I laughed, I began to get concerned that this article was derogatory to turtles…

See notes at bottom of post.


As I list the top 10 dirt bag debt collectors I wanted to be honest and state that this is a highly subjective list flavored with sophomoric name calling. Take it for what it is.

That said, it is difficult to whittle this list down to ten dirt bags when there is a whole industry of dirtbags. While making my list, there were a couple of local boys that needed to be on a list that just don’t wear big enough pants to be in the top 10. Here is my “also ran” “wanna be” debt collector:

Machol & Johannes, LLC

600 17th St Ste 800N, Denver, CO 80202


First of all, let me point out that I have met Jacques A. Machol, Jr. He is a little turtle of a man. Imagine a turtle without a shell and you know what he looks like. He always wants to shake your hand. I think that legitimizes what he does in his turtle mind.He somehow successfully reproduced and made a little turtle Jacques A. Machol, III whom I have not met. He works at his daddy’s firm.


Here’s why they almost made the list:

I had a friend that was getting sued over credit card debt by Machol & Johannes, LLC. He lives in Jefferson County, Colorado and was getting sued in county court. When he arrived to court on the day of the trail, Jacques A. Machol, Jr approached him, stuck out his hand and they shook hands (of course). Jacques A. Machol, Jr congratulated my friend on the case being dismissed. Jacques told him there was a legal technicality in the paperwork and that the judge had dismissed the case. My friend went home elated.

A week later my friend received a letter from the Jefferson County Court stating that he had lost the case and had a default judgement because he did not make his appearance at the trial. Jacques had intentionally misled my friend into not making an appearance in court.

Jacques A. Machol, Jr is a dirtbag. His offspring, Jacques A. Machol, III is likely a dirtbag too.

If you live in Colorado, check out COLORADO FAIR DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES ACT (CFDCPA), (C.R.S. §§ 12-14-115(1)(a) )

Please post your comments.

Fight the good fight, Boiler


NOTE: I updated this post and removed the claim that dirtbag Machol and his unsavory crew were collecting in Colorado without a state license. As M.E. pointed out to me, here is the specific law exempting attorneys from the CFDCPA:

(2)(e)(II) Notwithstanding paragraph (b) of this subsection (2), “collection agency” includes any person who engages in any of the following activities; except that such person shall be exempt from provisions of this article that concern licensing and licensees:
(II) Is an attorney-at-law and regularly engages in the collection or attempted collection of debts in this state;

Personally, this little issue is not anything to get excited about as there are usually so many more violations with any debt collector or attorney and the FDCPA.

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  1. Hi! This is dead on with Machol & Johannes. They pulled that trick on me in Jefferson County Colorado to. It was about 4 years ago and I have been making payments since. Almost have the $7600 paid off.

    I enjoy this blog. I feel like I may be able to stand up for myself next time one of these dirtbags comes after me or my kids.
    Denver Dave

    • Denver Dave,
      Standing up for yourself is what this is all about. I wish we had all known more sooner in life.
      Thanks for the comment and fight the good fight, Boiler

  2. These guys cleaned out my checking and saving account. Meanwhile they keep harassing me with phone, unapproved visits, and mail for the last measley $1000. They even tried to get at me by sending a certified letter to my roommate. Is that even legal?! Can I sue them?

    • I would need more information than you have given to really give you solid answers.
      There is almost always a violation with these guys.
      The letter to the roommate would depend on many facts to determine if it is a violation. What did the letter say? How many times have they contacted the roommate? ETC.
      If you would like to talk this through, send me an email and we can arrange to talk on the phone. My email address is
      Fight the Essential Fight, Boiler

  3. You need to go to my Facebook group. I am the SEC, OCC, FTC, CFPG and mutiple AG Whistleblower against JP Morgan Chase, BOA, Citi, AMEX, NCO , multiple debt buyers and 154 collection law firms in the NCO attorney network and most of the others. If you look at my LinkedIn profile with my resume you will understand the long list of entities I was and still am testifying against with first hand knowledge and direct evidence including executive level emails at multiple banks. Back in 2009 turned out I was the only exec level bank employee that REFUSED to commit billions in fraud just in one deal leading to five years now of testifying, training consumer attorneys how to fight back and win. My Facebook group “Linda Almonte and supporters” look under the files tab there is my actual entire government files in extreme detail which launched all of the regulatory investigation leading to the OCC Consent Orders in the past several months along with fines and many more about to be announced. I have also updated hundreds of pages of evidence that is not currently under any protective orders or gag orders. (Oops they made a mistake and only put the orders against one employer and six months of my career. They forgot that I had been a VP of Enterprise Operations at WaMu for 4 years (I tried and followed all the rules of escalation internal and external and well we all know the result) and after a Director of NCO Attorney Network Services and the main point of contact for every major bank for litigation across multiple consumer accounts and was the point of communication between the executives of those banks and debt buyers and the 154 firms and about 1000 collection attorneys. Remember NCO is owned by JP Morgan Chase via OEP Chase Investment arm and they have a lot more direct oversight into their operations that you could imagine. When faced again in a position where intentional fraud was being utilized to abuse the judicial system as a tool to bypass all state and federal consumer protection laws and impacting millions I broke all the rules. If you google my name you will see what I mean. It started in the media with a front page NY Times article in October 2010 where I accidentally coined the term “robosign” if I had known how big that word would get I would have copyrighted it. I also post all articles as they hit about my work with regulators, AG’s and consumer attorneys on my FB Page Linda Almonte. Last week was the Mississippi AG lawsuit against JP Morgan Chase which was a 18 month long investigation launched from my whistleblower filings and my testimony along with multiple other former employees now backing me and helping with these suits volunteering themselves up for subpeonas. This is truly amazing as there is no pay or reward for testifying in these AG suits and some are hundreds of hours of work per state. I also testified for the California AG suit against Chase and there are 13 more filing. I really like your site as I know more than anyone that the majority of impacted consumers cannot get attorneys for these items.


  4. These were from last year. I just got a letter from them today and it seemed fishy. I’m not even sure what the supposed debt is they are trying to collect on.

    We are consulting our attorney tomorrow though.

      • Mostly I just want to verify the authenticity of the claim. I’ve been dealing with a little Russian kid who has had me SWATTED, doxxed my info on twitter, and some other nefarious problems over a twitch stream I used to run (in fact he won, I quit streaming). So I do have fear of identity theft here.

  5. I was just informed that one of my debts was sold to these people. Any advice for dealing with them? I’m very nervous after reading the comments here.

    • Alex,

      I think it is important to educate yourself and not present yourself as easy prey.
      A Federal lawsuit against them before you go to county/state court would greatly increase your bargaining power.
      If you would like to chat, my phone number is in your email inbox.
      Best wishes, Boiler

  6. I’m dealing with these people now. Again got tricked into not going to court; they got a default. My only income is social security and they’re saying if I don’t schedule a “hearing” – no explanation, my exemption will not be valid and they’ll take my “property”. I filed an objection with court and my Soc Sec exemption. I know they will keep coming after me and try any sleazebag lies and tactics they can. I’m disabled, flat broke and they still are harassing me. I’m under so much stress already – these are dirt bags, Lying A-holes!

    • Moore,
      What are the laws in your state about garnishing social security checks? It would be worth your while to find out if they can be garnished. If not, the collector is going to have a difficult time getting one cent out of you.
      If there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know.
      Best, Boiler

  7. Most “debt” websites I’ve checked say it’s a Federal exemption, not state and can’t be garnished. But then, I’ve read others that say the collector can “convince” the bank that it’s not exempt – ie, if you have a dumb, confused or inattentive banker, they will release the money. As usual, it’s hard to get a definitive answer. If there’s a way to scam it, I’m sure these people will try.

    • They may be able to get the money from your bank account. It may be illegal, but as you suggest, they will find a way.

      If you don’t keep money in the bank, they wont be able to get your check. I am not sure if you can just get a check in the mail from SS.

      You are going to have to find a way not to have money in the bank.

      My 2 cents. Boiler

  8. I found a clarification of the above – you have to have an account that is only for soc sec income. If any other funds are deposited in that account, they will claim they’re entitled to it – it’s crazy because the money isn’t “tagged” soc sec, or “other money” but they’ll claim it’s not soc sec. As if you spend the soc sec money first and whatever is left is “other” money. I’m writing all this in case other disabled or retired people read this. Soc. Sec is no longer mailing checks: you have use direct deposit or a treasury dept. Master Card. So anyone receiving soc sec needs to have direct deposit funds in a separate account. Keep it separate is the key.

  9. That means switching to the treasury dept. Master Card. They recharge it every month and (supposedly) there are no fees and you can use it at ATMs. However, I’ve read complaints that it can be hacked like any CC…. And, my mortgage company only takes checks – I’m looking into using USPS money orders instead
    of checks since the USPS takes credit cards.

  10. I signed a payment agreement with Machols & Johannes, but then they filed in my county Superior Court and I have to make an appearance on April 1 (no joke). When it all started they served me what appeared to be court documents, but there was no case file. They were UNFILED court docs, but the letter with them said M&J had filed a lawsuit when, in fact, they had not. They were trying to scare me into signing an agreement. I had signed up with National Debt Relief, so they handled it, but they didn’t call M&J on the carpet for illegal service of fake papers. I ended up signing a Payment Agreement and an Agreed Judgment through NDR. Apparently that wasn’t enough for M&J. They filed the court docs they had tried to fake me out with, and now have also filed an Order of Default and Judgment that is to be heard on 4/1, PLUS they scheduled an Assignment for Trial Setting for 5/27. Thankfully, I have read about many of their dirty tactics, so I will enter court with my shields up. There was no need for them to go to court – I signed a payment agreement and NDR has been making the agreed upon payments for the last 4 months. I work for an attorney, but when she tried to help me with the fake service, NDR had a fit because they said they could no longer negotiate on my behalf. I’m wondering if she can represent me NOW, since NDR has completed the negotiations. I would LOVE to go for M&J’s jugular for all of the illegal and unethical crap they have pulled. Boiler, can you tell me more about filing in Federal Court?

    • Donna,
      The issue that you will have is that you signed a payment agreement. When you do that it ruins any chance you will have in court. By signing the agreement, you have admitted the debt, the amount of the debt and that you owe them.
      At this point there is little you can do except work it out with them. The court will not help you when you have an agreement in place.
      Next time you will want to fight them before you have an agreement.
      Sorry I could not be more helpful to you in your situation.

      No one should ever sign an agreement with a debt collector.
      Boiler Williams

  11. Help these guys drained my bank account as well as my daughter’s. I have never been served any papers and after further investigation this debt is back from 2008. I also found out when they did try to serve papers it was not even my address, and have never lived there.
    I need an attorney asap!! Can I get any recommendations?

    • Hi,

      There are three things I would do ASAP if I were you.

      Find out if there are judgements against you. You would do this by calling or going to your county’s courthouse and requesting this information from the clerk.

      The second thing you will want to do is look up the statute of limitations for your state. For example, do a search for “Colorado Statute of Limitations” on Google.

      Lastly, you need to start studying the law on this. It isn’t that hard. I don’t think an attorney will help you. They will only try and drain your checking account again. Honestly, I have only met one lawyer that has anywhere close to the knowledge necessary to help you. She is a corporate lawyer and fights for large corporations.

      If you would like to discuss this, please respond to this comment thread and I will email you. I can point you in the right direction.

      Best wishes, Boiler Williams

  12. Hi Boiler,

    I’m actually working with National Debt Relief, and they are doing a good job of settling my accounts. They negotiated the deal with Machol & Johannes, but I think they were even surprised when I was given a court date. Apparently it is just to officially file paperwork with the court. I checked with the court and they verified that it was a formality and I did not have to attend. However, given M&J’s track record, I don’t trust them as far as I can throw them, so I will be in court Friday morning just in case. My good friend and boss is an attorney, and she is going to accompany me so she can catch anything they do illegally. It sounds, though, like most of the issues are with the Colorado office — I am in Washington and I haven’t seen any complaints about their Seattle office. We’ll see if they try the old “Gee, isn’t it great that this was all settled and you don’t have to stay for the hearing?” trick. Thanks for your input!

  13. Boiler–I found out yesterday that M&J received a default judgment against me in 2010. (First I ever heard of it.) I need to get this cleared and was told I should call M&J and offer the amount of the judgment and get it in writing that it is cleared and settled and then put before a judge to render a satisfaction of verdict. I really don’t want to speak to these people. I can borrow money to pay the amount entered at the time of judgment–I cannot pay the additional 23.99% interest that has accrued, doubling that amount. I am on SSI and own nothing. Legal Aid was unable to represent me and call M&J. I don’t have an attorney. Any pointers on next step? Thank you. #feelingsicktomystomachalloveragain

    • Why would you call M&J? I would never call them if I were in your situation.

      If I were in your shoes, I would file a motion to vacate void judgement. Their judgement against you in not valid if you were not properly served. Your court may have a form to fill out for this or you can file the motion I just mentioned. My preference would be to file the motion and not use the form. Most of the county forms I have seen seem to be geared against you. Google motion to vacate void judgement and your state’s name.

      In some states you cannot be garnished if you are on SSI. Google it an verify your state laws.

      Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you.

      Best Wishes, Boiler

  14. I just got done paying my student loan debt through them. I received my Writ of Release on 3/1 and they garnisheed my check again on 3/24. I called and spoke to the person handling my account there and they are saying they won’t issue a refund on the over payment until they receive it. I spoke with my payroll who says it’s already been sent. I’ve been calling daily for over a week now and getting no where. I called the Colorado State Attorney’s office and was just told to file a complaint. I called again a few minutes ago and was told they can do nothing for me. Is there anything I can do?

    • Not knowing the details, my impression is that M&J is just stealing money from you.

      If I were you I would file a small claims lawsuit against them as it appears you have all the proof you need.

      It looks like you are in Colorado. If so, many of our counties let you file online. I have not done this yet. You will have to do this in the county that M&J resides in. My guess is that is Denver county as they are located in downtown Denver.

      Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

      Best, Boiler

  15. M&J just drained my bank account. I had to fumble around with my bank to find the right department to get a copy of the paperwork. Any ideas on what the next steps are to, at minimum, make these slimey turtles pay?

    I’m looking up all the C.R.C.P. Rules 4 & 5 currently and do not believe they ever served me.

    • Without knowing too many details, I believe you may want to sue them in federal court. You will want to read the Fair Debt Collection Practices act and see if they violated any of the sections. All it takes is a violation of one section.

      For example… If they did not serve you properly, do you think they broke this section of the FDCPA:

      § 1692 e Any other false, deceptive, or misleading representation or means in connection with the debt collection

      I bet they did.

      You also may want to call the courthouse and see if there is a form that you can fill out when you don’t get served. Jefferson County used to. I am not sure exactly where you live.

      Another possibility for you is to file a Motion to Vacate Void Judgement in the county court. This is the normal filing to use if you were not served.

      Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

      Best Wishes, Boiler

  16. Update on my 4/1/2016 court hearing: After being told by both Nat’l. Debt Relief and the COURT that it wasn’t necessary I appear, that it was just a procedural hearing – and going anyway because I didn’t trust either of them – I discovered that the “hearing” was actually to file a DEFAULT that I had not been making payments as agreed upon. The judge invited the local attorney M&J hired to appear (who admittedly said he doesn’t care much for debt-collecting law firms and was only there because they had hired him) and I to step outside the courtroom and see if we could reach an agreement without going through with the default judgment. Thank goodness by attorney friend was with me (not representing me) and we talked to the attorney and we all came to the conclusion that M&J was trying to pull a fast one and get me to sign a DEFAULT agreement in spite of my having made payments. When we went back in and stood before the judge, I told her that the payments HAD been made, and she struck the hearing from the court records. Now I need to have a conversation with NDR’s legal team that WRONGLY ADVISED ME in this matter.

  17. Just had my bank account cleared from them! And received the $125 fee from wells fargo for them doing it. Debt was from 2007 capital one card, is this legal? They said they served papers to my childhood home in 2009 and an aunt accepted them for me. I do not even remember getting them from her. I didn’t receive any notice from the bank. Is there anyway to get my money back and fight this? I’m a single mother of 2 and had just deposited my bi weekly paycheck of $277 and now all my rent money is gone

    • Sorry to hear of your issues. To answer these questions, you need to look at your state’s laws. If the debt was from 2007, it is likely past the statute of limitations on the surface. It is important to dig a little deeper to see if you have a judgement against you. You can check by visiting your county courthouse. You might be able to call them.

      You will likely never see this money again unless you sue them in federal court. If I were you, that is where I would be heading.

      Let me know if I can assist. Best wishes, Boiler Williams

  18. So I live in Texas used to live in Colorado. Had this M&J group serve papers to a house I was at after a divorce. I Went to the court house in Greeley and was told there was no case. Called these people told them I had no idea what this was for all my debts are paid. They wouldn’t tell me what it was for. So I didn’t bother. That was 2008. I have been in Texas for a year got a job and received a letter from my employer today that they garnished my wages and I have no idea what for. I had one credit card my whole life and I paid that off through US bank in 2004. Seriously who are these people?
    And how do I get this fixed?

    • Jennifer,
      These people are criminals. You will find that the county courts will not help you. The local courts are geared to take your money without applying any logic or laws to the situation.
      The only way I believe you will get any form of justice is in the federal court. If you dig and gather information, I think you will find the turtles have violated the FDCPA in there attempts to swindle money out of you.
      If there is any way that I can be of help, please let me know.
      Best, Boiler Williams

  19. So I just received a summons for debt collection from this company representing a financial institution I was once with 7 days ago I have 20 to answer. I defaulted on the payments due to it being too much in 2014. This company is coming after me now for $7,000 and I know that I do not owe that much. I am going to answer my summons denying this due to lack of knowledge. But I don’t want to dig myself deeper into debt by going to court and paying more fees. But I want to defend myself to get the right amount of debt clarified. When dealing with M&J I’m possibly going to get a lawyer to make sure any agreement is legal and not screwing me. But will this company settle for less or do they have to own the debt to do so? I cannot afford to not answer but are they able to negotiate or should I just get a lawyer? If I go to court will they show up and try and fight for the money? Or find it to be a hassle after seeing me start to fight the lawsuit? I’m terrified that if I do not have a lawyer to help with an answer that this company will ruin my financial future. Any advice?

    • I do not give advice; hence the name of the website. I will tell you what I would do and tell you what concerns I have about your situation.

      First, have you ever paid the collection company? This is a key bit of info. It is not clear to me who you have paid in the past.

      I believe you will lose in county court. The county courts are not fair. They don’t give a rip about you and really seem to wish you would shut up and pay. They also don’t seem to care about the law and don’t have time to learn the collection laws.

      Also to continue with my jaded point of view, no lawyer will help you unless you show them how they will make money out of your situation. They don’t care about justice, just their checkbook. I don’t believe a lawyer can or will help you unless you explain to them how they will make money. You will also likely have to teach them the FDCPA as most have never heard of it and are too lazy to learn it by themselves. I have dealt with at least 50 lawyers regarding the FDCPA, and have yet to find an exception to my opinion.

      There is only one good solution to this. If I were you, I would learn the FDCPA. You can sue them in federal court. You will win if you put in a modest amount of time and project self confidence.

      I may be of some assistance should you decide to sue them. If I cant help you, I know people who can. If you would like to sue them, please reply to this post and I will email you from my home email account.

      Fight the essential fight, Boiler

      • Hi Boiler,

        I’m not the OP but I may be ready to sue a different debt collection company and would like any assistance you could give. Also wouldn’t mind the template you mention just below for the county court summons.


    • I forgot to mention that I have a template to reply to a county court summons. In the past, I deny, deny, deny,… Everything except my address.

      Let me know if you want that template.

      Best, Boiler

      • I mistakenly submitted a new question that was my response……….

        (My reply below)
        .I have not payed to any debt collection this is my first encounter. I received the summons and have been very careful to write my answer. I have yet to answer and still have 10 days. I don’t want to answer in a way that will forever doom my case. I have been nonstop learning about my options and what moves I should and shouldnt make. My only mistake was during a recorded phone call to the Washington firm I asked for documentation. But in the process admitted to leasing the vehicle. (I think I screwed myself there). But I feel as if I don’t fight this now I will regret it my whole life. In my answer I had put “Lack knowledge of the truth and therefore deny” but I don’t have any documents yet and don’t know if I’m going to fight a losing battle. I would like the template. And I will educate myself on FDCPA. If there is a possibility of winning a case like this I am willing to fight and not regret.

  20. I have not payed to any debt collection this is my first encounter. I received the summons and have been very careful to write my answer. I have yet to answer and still have 10 days. I don’t want to answer in a way that will forever doom my case. I have been nonstop learning about my options and what moves I should and shouldnt make. My only mistake was during a recorded phone call to the Washington firm I asked for documentation. But in the process admitted to leasing the vehicle. (I think I screwed myself there). But I feel as if I don’t fight this now I will regret it my whole life. In my answer I had put “Lack knowledge of the truth and therefore deny” but I don’t have any documents yet and don’t know if I’m going to fight a losing battle. I would like the template. And I will educate myself on FDCPA. If there is a possibility of winning a case like this I am willing to fight and not regret.

  21. I received a revivor of judgement from this on a saturday 3 weeks after it was filed with the court. Its a 6 year old judgement they are trying to extend for a car that was totaled. On ssdi they know it want another 6 year for what? I will still be on ssdi. The worst part is they know it, they have a sallie mae account that does not have a judgement, cleaned out my kids bank accounts but not mine at the same bank saying they didn’t know I was on ssdi. Really then why didn’t you touch mine? Liars. All my federal loans have been excused by the doe yet they want 3k in private, not gonna happen, want 9k plus interest up to 17k for a wrecked car. Once again not gonna happen. Filing a response motion on monday already faxed the response and will mail another copy when stamped by the court.

  22. Just curious….I have a judgement against me from Wells fargo that Portfolio mgt got a hold of and i guess got Machol and Johannes on it. They have levied my bank account twice and now have a garnishment against me.

    I asked them to prove the debt and it seems they did a whole big investigation and came back with a letter saying they are closing my account and the balance is zero. it was 9500 less 1750 from the garnishment they got last months wages dated 6/5/16. The letter i got from portflio said my balance was zero ( they must have decided that they couldn’t prove it?). My question is that M& J is the ones garnishing for portfolio. And now portfolio says the balance is nothing…2 questions……1. How do I make sure I no longer get garnished from M&J since the client portfolio says we are at zero….2. Can i get any of the money back from M& J?

  23. Hello,

    I live in Clark County which is in Washington State. I was served papers in late June of this year regarding a suit (M&J) which was filed against me for a debt I have. I don’t deny that the debt is real. It was a truck payment I once had. I voluntarily gave the truth back approximately 4 years ago due to being laid off from a job I once had. The remaining amount of the balance of the loan eventually went into collections; however, I have never paid it back, because, quite frankly, I just don’t have it. I have struggled even since losing my career.

    To make a long story short, I have not signed anything. I talked with somebody on the phone and informed them that I was willing to make an offer for a settlement of this debt. They are claiming the debt is approximately $6000.00. I made an offer half of that. The guy I spoke with asked if I could make at least $100.00 for the month of July while “waiting” and I did. I received paperwork in the mail last week with a proposed settlement of the whole $6000.00 plus 12% on $100.00 monthly payments. The paperwork included nothing of what we discussed initially on the phone. This whole settlement I received started making me nervous. I just didn’t have a legitimate legal feel to it so I didn’t sign anything. I called the same guy back today and informed him that I refused to sign unless we can come up with a settlement that I agree with and is reflected in writing. He said that he is going to re-forward my proposed settlement of half of the amount.

    So, now, I did some research on this company which led me to your site. Now I am even more nervous about these guys. I haven’t signed anything, but I have talked with them on the phone and they have probably recorded our conversations. What would you do with the information I have provided?

    • You have a couple of issues that I don’t want to post on this website. I don’t want a collector to read how to defend yours and similar cases. I will send you an email with my contact info. Call, text or email me. Best wishes, Boiler Williams

  24. My accounts were taken by M&J today, after calling them I was informed I wrote a check to Adams county court for $40.00 in April 2006. They told me they served me in 2009 at my parents house in broomfield (had my dads name), but I lived in WY and was never given the paperwork (haven’t spoken in 10 years), was then told they revised it in 2012 (I lived in TX then)and again April of this year (now in AZ).Never know of any of this was ever going on. It was all done through Adams courts and now saying I owe a little over $2200 with fees and interest… Any ideas at all would be helpful!

  25. Mackrel and Johannajob (Machol & Johannes) have caused me nothing but grief over the last two years and it just got worse. I fell into debt when my mother died, which left me $1250 less in my household budget. Years prior, I have recovered from a major layoff, bankruptcy, unemployment and credit issues. I finally got a job that I end up quitting (and it was great timing too!) since my second to last paycheck was garnished. The problem was that I never set up with my employer’s online payroll system. Consequently, I was at a loss. The management could not help me. I figured it might have been unemployment since I recently lost a counter appeal with them. I also figured, since it was about $90 dollars that I was missing, that it was the federal government thinking that I wasn’t fully insured last year. I also thought that it might have been an error in my recent employer’s payroll department. There were other theories too. I felt that a former boyfriend of a female roommate I had, whom set me up with her with a very nasty passage that I never wrote, but that no one ever believed, was the culprit. ID theft. Online shenanigans. Many things came to mind. After screaming bloody murder about the situation, I finally got word back from my recent employer that there was a garnishment under something called ‘Calvary LLC’. That was something I saw online on my credit report next to our friends (M & J) for short. Then, after getting the number from them, 303-830-0075, and running it on Google, guess what I saw? Machol & Johannes! That’s right! Those hosebags used some other name, (Calvary LLC), and went and garnished my check out of the blue. I was already going through hard times. My long time friend and roommate moved out because of the horrific thing that appeared on Facebook, which was not my doing, after four years. We had a great relationship and that SOB ruined it. Been depressed ever since. My boss was getting very much on my nerves at work. Had finally secured a roommate to help with the rent since my pay is low and the rent went up ($100 this year! Was $170 last year). There have been maintenance issues in my apartment galore, and still are, though they are being fixed right now, another pain! All of this on top of all else…my stress factor has been through the roof. Those jerks really hit me with that one and it do so tremendously that I had to call in sick one day last week and couldn’t even call in my last day of work (no-call-no-show). The main thing at that point was who was taking money out of my check and why. That was driving me absolutely nuts! I finally found out and this bothers me to no end. Fortunately, the last check was so small since I missed two days works last week, that it cannot be garnished! Can you believe that one? Is it a good thing that I missed two days of work? Sure. It might be small, but it is all mine as a result. I am actually glad that they’ll get nothing on this check. Also, I just started another job at the same rate plus bonuses. Fortunately too, my training has only 25 hours, so those checks will be too small to garnish, as well. Ha! Ha! I spoke to an attorney and he said that the only way to stop the garnishment is to file bankruptcy. Don’t have the money for that yet, but as soon as I do, these clowns are going to get it! Received a letter from them last month and I replied stating that I am insolvent (no friggin’ money), which is the truth.

    I encourage all of you out there to join collectively with me and all others that have been screwed by these ‘Sheriff of Nottingham’ lawyers and their minions (not the cute cartoons) and fight back. If not them, someone else that make a living buying debt and collecting for themselves. If the economy was the way it should be, then these greaseball legal eagles wouldn’t be in business. Wonder how one of those fools would live on my paycheck. I reckon that they would stave, be thrown out of their dwellings and spit on while they would have their hands out and asking, “Change?” on the side of I-225 or Colfax. If that happened to them, rest assured, they would do something else for a living that is useful and not being the F-ing bottom feeders that they are today. When God created all creatures great and small, he created Machol and Johannes. Guess he had to make something like them to remind us of the nice and beautiful creatures and things in life. They are just a step below politicians, child molesters and terrorist. To some sick degree, I kind of understand their motivations. These clowns? I am trying to figure them out to this day. Must be something having to be their family members. I feel absolutely sorry for their spouses and kids. Imagine what they are like to live with?

    Fight the real enemy, people! And…fight them well. Tell your elected officials to bash these guys in the chops by creating laws to protect us, not them, from their treachery!!!

    Peace out!!!!!

  26. I want to mention the WORST debt collector of all – The Feds. I signed a contract to pay my student loans with the Justice Dept. I paid for 5 YEARS on time, never missed a payment. Ed Dept collectors began hounding me for my debt. Long story short: Justice Dept NEVER SENT A DIME to pay my loans. So my loan amount had tripled in the meantime: fees and interest. They PUNISHED ME for asking what they had done with my payments by taking 15% of my social security check. GET THIS: It’s an INTEREST ONLY garnishment. Nothing goes to my student loans. I will be paying until I die. I can barely survive on what is left and have gone deep into debt, including a suit by M & J.

    • Sorry to hear about your situation. I agree with your thoughts on the Feds. I try not to mention them on this blog. I also try not to mention that they are not part of the US Government. I also try not to mention the IRS in the same light.

      The whole system is a sham. I think writing about the situation in a normal post here will scare people away from the focus of this blog to fight traditional debt collectors.

      If you turn over any good information or tactic to resits the debt collection efforts of these pseudo-government agencies, please let us know.


  27. The predator law firm, Machol & Johannes LLP, is currently suing me. To say they are “Dirt Bags’ is an understatement to say the least. I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico and have had a very difficult time getting someone who knows or will help me regarding this matter. The statue of limitations ruins out next month, September of 2016; however, it does me no good because they filed prior to that date. I did learn that New Mexico does not allow for interest prior to judgment date. Hooray!! This is the only good news so far, if it’s true.

    I am beyond disappointed in New Mexico’s laws and their lack of consumer protection. I have a hearing next week and hoping for the best. As far as I’m concerned, Machol & Johannes LLP are extremely unethical they should not be allowed to practice law. Their business practice methods are a prime example why some lawyers and law firms have a bad name. For those of you who got tricked into leaving a hearing after being lied to by a Machol & Johannes attorney.. . PLEASE contact the NM Attorney General’s Office regarding their unethical business practices and or the NM Bar Association. It is beyond disappointing that the State of New Mexico allows Machol & Johannes LLLP permission to profit from citizens/taxpayers misfortunes. So beyond shameful and disgusting!!!

    • I could not agree with you more on your assessment of Machol & Johannes.

      I think you will find in most states that the state laws for consumer protection are no help. Nice to say that you have them but they have no teeth.

      My recommendation is to use the FDCPA in federal court. I believe you will find your remedy there.

      Best Wishes, Boler

  28. Hi – I have been making payments to Machol and Johannes for the last two years. I received a letter from them today saying I haven’t paid since May an I am in default. But this is not true- I have made the payments to them. Some have been late but I have always contacted them and advised when I would be paid to ensure they were ok with that. Can they sue me for making these payments late? I feel like I am doing everything possible to pay off this old debt. I contacted them regarding this but have not heard back.

  29. Machol & Johannes, LLC froze my account over an 11 year-old debt that they had purchased. I thought that was illegal, to collect on debts more than 7 years old? Anyways, I don’t even remember receiving the summons to court.

    Well, they demanded that I set up a payment plan, and would accept nothing less than $50/month, in order to unfreeze my account. I let them know I was on SSDI, and would like it to be $25/month, but nope.

    Well, I just found out that SSDI income is totally exempt from collection, even if they receive a judgment. So, they’ve been illegally collecting $50/month, for 6 years now, just hoping I’d have no idea of this exemption. I just found out today that nope, they scammed me.

    From what I understand, the way to get help is to file a complaint with the Colorado Attorney General. Do y’all know of anything else I need to do?

  30. If you have a judgement against you by M &J DO not deposit any large amounts of money into your checking or savings account. They can get ahold of your bank and account number and drain everything you have. They took $2500 out just like that. They don’t care if you bills to pay .

  31. I have been dealing with these very unsavory debt collectors for years. I have 3 private student loans that they are collecting on with super high intrest. I tried making arrangements with them which they accepted and we were paying on. All of a sudden the payments stopped and judgement was entered. Next thing we know our bank account was emptied of $1200 causing our mortgage to bounce and no food or gas for the family for weeks. I tried to get payment arrangements restarted but they told me i needed to pay 7k down to restart arrangements.i am not one to try to run from mg debt as i know i owed it but this compa y makes it impossible to pay and live and has some very shady practices such as stopping payment arrangements to get a judgement and garnishment of accounts without notificatuon. I will now start looking at other options to get aroud what they have done and hopefully be able to survive until i can get things taken care of. I know in colorado the statue of limitations is 7 years but when does this start and if judgement was after this time can it be dropped?

  32. My husband passed in June 2016. He had multiple myeloma ans a rare disease Amyloidosis I live on ss and a small widow pension in my former husbands name. My husband battled cancer the last 5 years of his life. We do not own any property except one vehicle. I owe $1000’s in medical bills and the dirtbags served me last October 30, 2016 with court documents with no court date. District court for $1022 of a written off debt ebays class action lawsuit I got an $8 when it was settled. The turtles won a default judgement I never had a chance! I Cannot even make payments on my husbands funeral and am getting dirtbag letters demanding to know my checking acct numbers. Vehicles or other property I might own. It is all held in my husbands trust. I get up every morning expecting my only vehicle to be gone. I can hardly pay my rent. I’ve only had enough money to buy a bag of potatoes and eggs. This has been my diet. I cannot take much more of these scum terroring me. I want my day in court. Portfolio recovery bought an old illegal piece of paper now the turtles are chasing me to an early grave! I’m starting to wish my husband had taken me with him! NM courts do not give a damn about their citizens. Pro se. Shut up get out! Starve who cares!

    • All state courts are rigged. If you want justice, try the Federal Laws in Federal Court. I believe you will find your remedy there.
      Best Wishes, Boiler Williams

  33. They froze my account and took my last $39
    I’m a SAHM with no income and I don’t know what to do.
    Do I just need to close my bank acct?

    • Misty,
      I would definitely never use your current bank again for anything. Fire them.
      I would also try not to put money in any bank until this is resolved.
      It seems unlikely that they would try this again with you given they only stole $39. You may take consolation in the fact that they spent way more than $39 to steal your $39.
      If I were in your situation, I would learn the FDCPA and sue them. Getting a check from them would put a smile on your face I’ll bet. You can learn about it on this site and others. It is not that hard if you want vengeance.
      Best Wishes, Boiler

  34. There is nothing I can do.
    In 2014 I was able to get the case dismissed every single time and I unfortunately did not screen shot the dismissal for the one court date, didn’t go but somehow it still went on and they won the judgment.
    I should’ve filed bankruptcy last year but didn’t but I will early next year and they can kiss my ass.
    Yeah, woke up yesterday found my account on hold. Made some calls and I’m screwed. Then I got a certified letter of a writ of garnishment. I’m going to claim the $500 exempt but they’ll probably take it anyway.
    I hope they are pissed that they spent all of this money for $39.
    I’m a SAHM with no income and nothing in my name besides my bank account and now that’s gone.
    I pretty much cried all day yesterday.
    Can I close out my bank acct ornwill the bank charge me for that?

    • I am not sure if your bank will charge you to close the account. You will have to call them or stop in.
      Sorry you are having such a rough time.
      Best wishes, Boiler

  35. I have a court date this Friday the 2nd at 8:30 AM in Arapahoe County colorado. M and J are coming after a debt my old apartment building says I owe due to a carpet that needed to be replaced. The first collection agency stopped contacting me after I sent a copy of the move-out walkthrough signed by a rep of the apartment building showing that I only needed to have the carpets cleaned. When M&J sent us their first notice I replied with a validation letter. They replied with a copy of the lease and an invoice for the carpet. I sent them back a request for them to stop contacting me along with a copy of the signed move-out walkthrough checklist. A few weeks later they sent another letter with a slightly higher balance (i guess interest). I responded that this debt is not owed and invalid. I also stated that they violated the FDCPA by not adhering to my request to cease communication. A month or so later I got a knock on my door and was served with a suit in county court for $865 and about $150 in court fees should I lose. Do you think I have a leg to stand on with my signed move out checklist? Also, do you think I may be able to file a counter claim for $1000 for violating the FDCPA? I read at the top of this page that since they are attorneys this wouldn’t apply? Am i understanding that right? They were representing rd fuller company and all my correspondence has been with m&j. If the Colorado statue doesn’t apply, may I use the federal fdcpa as a counterclaim in county court? Court is only a day away and I don’t want to get screwed. Any info would be appreciated. I know you’re busy, so if I don’t hear from you I will post a follow up with what happens in court for everyone else who may be in a similar situation.

  36. My account just got froze right after I deposited funds to make a mortgage payment. Surprise! I was never served! When I called M & J they said I was served in June 2016 and they had a description of a person who wasn’t me. I also got a note saying that my safety deposit box is being held to. They say I owe $1523.51 and Chase has $851 on hold. Now my house payment is past due and my son’s college entrance fees are returned NSF. What can I do? Find a way to pay them in full so they’ll go away and my account and safety deposit box can be released or fight the rotten $!#$!÷?. I only owed Capital one less than $900 when I lost my job after 21 years. Help!

  37. Hello Boiler, as stated here by many, I am also struggling with Machols and Johannes trying to collect on an old debt that is outside of the statute of limitations in the state where we live (New Mexico). They served me by taping a complaint and request for settlement to my front door in March. The statute of limitations for legal action had expired the previous month. There were two debt collection agencies that were vying for the right to collect on the same debt at the time. One of those agencies has dropped off due to the expiration of time, but not Machols and Johnannes of course.

    I filed my own answer because I cannot afford an attorney, and offered M&J a settlement of 50% of the debt, with a statement that there is NO admission of debt, I just want them to stop harassing. They tried to force a phone conversation, lied by email stating that we had talked on the phone (I emailed stating that our email correspondence was a complete record of all communications). The case was dismissed, but they asked the court to reinstate the case after an eight month reprieve. The court has not yet reinstated the case, the last payment on the account was made in 2012, and M&J is now requesting a 15 minute court hearing (not scheduled yet) where they promise to provide “dispositive” information.

    I am scheduled to meet with an attorney that provides free legal advice through the court system. Can you provide any other insight? I would love to shut them down once and for all!!

    • Consider this part of the FDCPA:

      Collector cannot threaten suit, garnishment or seizure of property without legal ability to do the same. 15 U.S.
      C. § 1692e(5). Ex: Threatening suit to collect a time-barred debt. Time-barred means after the Statute of Limitations.
      Martsolf v. JBC Legal Group, P.C.

      If you cannot fight them on this, there are plenty of lawyers who will take this case and get there fees from M&J…
      , 2008
      U.S. Dist. LEXIS 6876 (M.D. Pa. Jan. 30, 2008).

    • There actions are often not legal from my experience and from reading what others have posted here. Were you served in your case? If not, they don’t have a valid judgement against you. There are many actions collectors take and the courts let them do that are suspect. You need to learn the laws and judge for yourself.

      Sorry you are in this position. I was there about four years ago. I learned my state laws and federal laws. I now have as perfect of credit as there is and no collectors call me. You can do this too.

      If you have the desire you can do this. Most people don’t have the desire.

      Let me know if I can be of assistance or if you would like to chat on the phone.

      Best Wishes, Boiler

  38. Someone Just tried to give my daughter some papers that has not lived her in years. He says Well I am just trying to give some papers because she has a court date. And said it was from was from lvnv funding. I said she no longer lives and I asked what it was in regards to wouldn’t tell me anything but then he said he would give me a card with who the firm was and lo and behold it was Machol Johannes LLC and to have her contact them. After reading this it appears that this is a dirt bag collection attempt. but I am very concerned now and would like to understand sounds like this firm has made life very miserable for some people. I would like to know how to proceed to help her.

  39. Please HELP. M & J say now that I owe them $70,000 from a debt that they took over that was 14,000. Yes, all is correct what I typed. I have paid them on and off and they keep taking and stopping and taking and stopping again.

  40. I’m dealing with these jerks now. Talked with them on the phone they were to send me out a agreement to sign and send back. I have not received anything. I have called Janet Reyes several times and left messages because she don’t know how to answer a phone I guess. I’m documenting every time I call, Date, Time and what I said in the message. I’m also on only SS with no other income, I have NOT given them any banking information. What do you do with people like this?? Can I contact the courts myself. OMG I thought I had all my bills paid off and now this, I really think this was paid off a year or so ago but unfortunately I can’t find the paper work. My bad and I’m one that keeps everything when it comes to bills but for some reason this is gone. I will keep calling them until I get answers or paper work. I don’t have a lawyer so I’m on my own here.
    Thank you

  41. I have a judgment from 2014 handled my M&J. They just tried to garnish my bank account unsuccessfully because there is only SS in it so they got zero. But I would like to be able to put other $ in it someday. I thought about offering them 10 cents on the dollar lump sum (so I can use my bank account again). But knowing they would have to file a Satisfaction of Judgment, I worry they would accept it and not bother to hold up their end. Also, I read that in county court a judgment can only be collected for 6 years. So if I wait another 3 years, and they have gotten nothing, they might never file the Motion to Revive and just let it go since they are getting nothing. Not sure if they are likely to take the 10 cents or what I want to do.

  42. Just got a collection letter and have some questions. Debt is $1138. I live in Colorado. Can you email me boiler?

  43. Boiler,
    My wife and I received documents at our home in Jeffco from a lady that say summons, appears to be in court case format, but has no case number. It has pages attached that have the “This is an attempt to collect a debt” language, but are obviously photocopies, without any court seal. I need your email and contact information for your perspective please. I could not find any Adams County court date with our name on it at the court website and date listed. I’m reading the horror stories here and would like to know what you would do.
    Best Regards,

  44. I was served by these jerks back in February. I declined to sign the paperwork, and I asked the person serving me what this was all about. He stopped his recorder and told me from his experience Capital one (Original creditor) regularly serves twice and because the paperwork had no court case I would probably be served again down the road when they were going to proceed. Well, he was wrong.. I checked my credit report the other day and my scores dropped over 20 points because of an added Public Record. The Public Record just shows their name and the amount (1476.00) with a date late in April. I proceeded to reach out to them and they basically told me I could pay them in one lump sum and have it dismissed or I could set up payments. They told me no judgement had been made and if I rectified the issue, none would be requested, which really confused me as it shows on my report already. So, I thought about it overnight, did some research and located the case in my local court and sure enough, judgement issued by default. I called themy back today requesting more information and the person was EXTREMELY RUDE, did not want to provide verification of debt and basically told me I was trying to not pay and go backwards and there was nothing more to talk about if I wasn’t going to pay.

    My question is this: Should I just pay these guys off in full to get rid of them (They are basically offering 20% off the 1476.00), make a payment arrangement, or go a different direction? I would really appreciate your thoughts and advice. I really don’t want to end up in the shoes of some of these other folks. I will say, if I pay them to have it dismissed I will demand I get it in writing.

    Best Regards

    Hi Boiler,
    Just found your great site. Not surprised to see I’m not the only one with problems with Machols &Johannes from Denver. I’m in Lakewood.

    I really would appreciate your thoughts and help with Machols & Johannes mess. Sorry this is so long. Please forgive me. This whole mess has me really worried and upset. Thanks.

    I checked the Jefferson County, CO records, and they show 2 judgments for Discover – there was only 1 credit card. First judgment is from attorney Rose, 2nd one is from attorney Machols & Johannes.

    How can there be 2 judgments for the same card? There was nothing in Jeffco records showing Rose judgment was released. Can that be legal?

    October 2010 Stopped paying Discover
    June 22, 2011 Received dunning letter from Richard Rose from Sawaya, Rose and Kaplan (local Denver) law firm. Said Discover Bank had retained them to collect.

    Letters back and forth between me and Rose. July 30, 2012 Rose recorded a judgment in Jefferson County, CO

    October 25, 2014 Got a letter from Machols & Johannes saying they now represent Discover Bank in place of the attorney Rose – who previously represented Discover Bank.

    Letters back and forth between me and M&J. No real response from M&J. Nothing from them or about them until the letter from Wells Fargo in June 2017.

    Jan 20th, 2015. Machols recorded a judgment in Jefferson County, CO – identical to the one Rose recorded in July 2012. I DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT THIS JUDGMENT UNTIL JUNE 2017, WHEN I CHECKED THE COUNTY RECORDS.

    On June 6, 2017, I got a letter from Wells Fargo that the bank had gotten a “garnishment order” and that I could contact the creditor at Machols & Johannes. The bank gave them nothing because the only money in the account is my retirement pension. M&J wanted more than double what was supposedly owed Discover.

    I went out to the Jeffco Court House Tuesday 8-15-17, got copies of the case file and the 2 judgments. In the case file, there were several copies of garnishments that M&J had sent the agency I retired from in 1995. I never got any notice from anybody that M&J were trying to garnish my money until the letter from Wells Fargo. Shouldn’t I have gotten something from M&J or somebody that they were trying to garnish me? Is garnishment of a bank account a one-time thing?

    What can I do? I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and help, please. I wish somehow Machols & Johannes could be sued out of existence.

    Again, I really apologize for this being so long. Would really appreciate anything you can do. Thank you very much.

  46. Hi Boiler,
    I need your help, please.
    I got papers from M&J for “Motion for Revivor of Judment.” It’s a judgment from Discover done in 2012. Attorney Richard Rose was the collector then, I missed the court date so he got the judgment. I never got any documents from Rose that I asked for – contract, records of account, etc. He had never validated it either. Anyway, Rose recorded judgment July 30, 2012.

    October 25, 2014, I got a letter from M&J saying they now represented Discover. I sent them a letter disputing all of the alleged debt, and I requested copies of contract, ownership of alleged debt, etc. Several letters back and forth, but no real answer or evidence – no contract copy etc. Jan 20, 2015, Machol recorded a judgment in Jefferson County for the same amount that Rose had shown. Now I have 2 judgments for 1 Discover card. I never had a contract with Discover – they had taken over the company the card was from. I stopped paying Discover in October 2010.

    Last Sunday, Oct 8, 2017, a process server left the “judgment Revivol” papers on my front porch, after I closed the door. I didn’t get out of my house until Wed 10-11 because of the snow and I wasn’t feeling that well. Anyway, the papers say I have 14 days to respond. I’ve done a lot of research about responding – found a form on the Colorado judicial site. I’ve filled that out as best I can. The instructions don’t say if I have to take ti up to the Courthouse and file it. It says to serve the other party. Can I send the Response to M&J by Certified Mail with green card – would that be considered served?

    I know the other comments are quite old, but I was hoping you could help.

    I’m going to call the County Court in the morning (10-15-17), and find out if I have to go uip there. I figure it will cost me to file th Response, hopefully it will stop M&J. I figure I have to send the Response by Wednesday to be within the 14 days.

    I’m in Lakewood, Colorado
    Thank you very much. I would greatly appreciate your help the thoughts.

  47. Hi Boiler,
    Briefly saw a message that you no longer do this. Sad news. Thanks anyway. I learned some from your blog and other people’s problems. I did the Response to M&J’s Motion to Revive the Discover judgment – mailed it Wed 10-18-17 Certified Mail to M&J. Will see what happens next. Still don’t understand why they are trying to revive it this soon ahead of the expiration.
    Anyway, thanks again for your efforts. Have a great year.

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